Scary Halloween: The Porcelain Doll

No longer long, then is Halloween. For the purpose of tuning, we show you different Halloween looks for 10 days. All participants of the Thementage and their looks I have linked here. For inspiration, just click through it (attention, nothing for the weak nerves!).

I decided on my Halloween look for a broken porcelain doll and I mainly focused on this Youtube tutorial . There are, of course, much more creepy Halloween looks than porcelain dolls, but I hope you like my result anyway. If you want to see really creepy looks, then click on the contributions of the other participants! I have the video slightly modified and simplified. So the look is also something for untrained like me The biggest challenge was more: Look at the photos rigidly straight like a doll!

Small Instruction

  1. Take a look at the Youtube Tutorial, which I have modified / simplified. For example, my attempt to make the eyebrows invisible with the glue stick method has failed directly. But through the video you get a very good impression for the individual steps and can then change at will.
  2. I first applied a bright foundation (like thick!) And a bright powder to the face.
  3. Then I made my eyes: As shown in the video under the eyelid, apply a  white kajal, then with a black kajal edge, to pretend the big doll eye. Then draw an eyelid, lift the eyelid with a light eyeshadow and paint a false eyelid (much higher than normal).
  4. False eyelasheson top and bottom (!!!).
  5. Afterwards, I have the eyebrowsdarkened (you will certainly get more beautiful than me).
  6. Apply a blush rouge.
  7. The lipswith a lip liner prefigure and imagine with the lip liner. Then apply lip gloss according to legalarmist.
  8. Use a black kajal to paint the “cracks”. Draw some black spots to create the effect of broken porcelain.
  9. Bows or the like into (possibly previously curled) hair.
  10. Finished

It was a lot of fun for me to paint the look and hope you like my pictures. Perhaps you have now wanted to try it yourself? It is easier than you think and especially through the false eyelashes, the makeup gains expression. I’m scared of myself every time I’ve looked at the mirror.  Tomorrow is a parking meter, and it’s something about “death”. Do not miss!