Scarves for Every Body Type

A good way to add some color to the face or use patterned is resorting to handkerchiefs and scarves. In addition to protect the neck from the cold and the air conditioning, these are a good accessory sets. You may not know is that can also help to disguise the wrinkles, making her look thinner or to divert attention from the tummy. The trick is to choose the colors, shape, and the fabric best suited for you.

Scarves for Ladies

The square scarves are used in a more classical, around the neck, while the rectangular handkerchiefs and scarves offer numerous options to tie and draping. Very versatile, this accessory can be used in several ways, giving it a more casual, chic or creative.

Try making different knots and twists (simple, with a knot in gola, interlaced or triangle), and vary your way, depending on the occasion, the coordinated and the season.

To work always prefer fabric, like silk, crepe, chiffon or cotton, not to stay with much volume or look sloppy. Another solution is to use a thin woolen scarf or a collar, with a sweater or cardigan for a more sophisticated look.

Here are some tips on scarves for different body types.

If you have tummy or thighs wider, enjoy to use a fancy scarf, because it will draw attention to the upper part of the body and for the face. Or, you can use a scarf, that by being longer helps disguise the belly area.

If you have dark circles, avoid the darker shades, black and pastel, as will accentuate this problem in the face. Choose colors (hot or cold), which promote your skin type.

If you have small breasts, long scarves and large, as well as the printed, help to create volume in the breast area.

On the contrary, if you have large breasts, the ideal are the short and scarves tied around his neck (if you have the thin neck) or the scarves used vertically, that balance and distribute the volume.

Who has the wrinkled neck, the scarves are great for dressing up this area. Use a model that is only a shade lighter or darker than the blouse or shirt. And bet on more cheerful patterns and bold.

If you have short neck or thick avoid scarves along the neck. Who has a long neck can use wipes your rolled back.

In the case of the shoulders are narrower than the hips, use and abuse of handkerchiefs and scarves, creating more volume on your neck and shoulders.

This accessory should enhance your silhouette. Use it, but with a personal touch.