Satin Fabric Definition

Soft texture, soft touch, smooth and shiny appearance, satin is a fabric formed by weaving of silk fiber and is currently used for various purposes, such as clothes, curtains, pillows, ornaments and more! To add class and luxury satin is also widely used in bridal gowns, who appreciate the lightness and beauty of the fabrics which are used.

About Satin Fabric

Of Chinese origin, satin was created in the Middle Ages and its name comes from Zaitun port city, now known as Quanzhou. The robes that time were all made of satin, representing luxury and power due to its high cost. We love fabrics like satin, and for you to be inspired by the beauty of this material, we’ve listed some tips on how to use it in the decoration and favor environments. Come with us and enjoy all the beauty of a beautiful fabric like satin!

The various uses of satin

Currently, the satin is often used in upholstery, bedding, pillows and curtains. They give a soft touch to the environment and leave it more beautiful! In clothing, it uses the satin lingerie, jacket linings, shoes, wedding dresses and other formal wear. Ornament laces are also made ​​in satin. A charm only!

The role of satin in negotiations

In China, where it was created, the satin was very negotiated with the Arab world and Western Europe during the Middle Ages, which promoted increased trade flows between these regions. Marketed primarily in Italy, in the twelfth century, satin was made ​​available across Europe later, although it was used only by the nobility because of its high cost.

The decoration with satin

Have you ever thought about having a beautiful curtain color made ​​with satin strips? This fabric is widely used at birthdays and parties wedding and can even make compositions and embellish any environment! The tables also earn a special charm with satin towels. Frilled, foil and overlaps with two tones are super recommended!

The history of satin

Previously, satin was used to cover furniture fine, such as the furniture of the Palace of Versailles or Victorian pieces. The royalty also wore clothes made ​​of this fabric and senior members of the Catholic Church wore robes made ​​of satin. The dancers also adopted this fabric for your pointe shoes and squandering glitter in their presentations. Beautiful is not it?

The evolution of satin

Satin is the name of a ligament shut fabrics that the distribution of its points, is bright and matte right side of the wrong side. Nowadays, this fabric is made ​​of rayon or other synthetic fibers, which have the same effect in the décor and garments.

Satin can enhance the decor of a room and give a more elegant touch and fine the sofas, beds and windows. See how on Invest in this beautiful fabric and appreciate what your home has to offer! Simply combine satin items with more sober parts and dull. You will certainly love the result!