Samsung Wave 723 in the Test

Samsung brings an exemplary processed mid-range Smartphone in a chic metal case at the start with the wave 723.

The wave 723 is the fourth phone of Samsung’s own Bada platform. This Samsung even when the wave 723 stays true to his credo in matters relating to material processing: the metal casing gives a fine look to the Smartphone and is not as prone to fingerprints, as you would expect.

Between the transitions of the individual body parts show up neither interfering edges, still opens up spaces or even rattling parts are to complain about. Each bolt is clean, any survey adds wonderfully in the caps indentation required for.

Optical break on the front

Does not really fit the three Hardkeys on the front there in the image. Although these buttons offer a crunchy Sear, but knarzen the plastic push button at the operator audibly. This may be basically not really problematic, robs the overall very high quality coat but a part of his elegance

Most input commands via the capacitive, responding to touch finger touch screen be made bearable, finally. This is average with its 3.2-inch diagonal a little under the popular smartphone and has to make do with a not too high resolution of 240 x 400 pixels.

That Samsung puts this TFT – instead of the newer AMOLED technology, is given the relatively low price of device on hand. Yet the screen responds very reliably: it detects input right off the bat, control works amazingly well – and also the colors shown are always beautiful tired and full of contrasts.

Overview of limits

Only pushes the screen to its natural limits on trips on the Internet. Although Web sites can be practiced fingers with multi-touch and double tip pretty fast browsing gestures in a scroll binge, but it isn’t very clear. It’s also not fun in the long term. What is well managed despite the rather scanty space is expandable virtual QWERTY keyboard.

The best operation goes well, if the wave 723 in the landscape and is true with both thumbs. Even faster input the hit ratio is high; alone that point and comma only via the special characters table available, slows down the flow of the writing.

Samsung’s proven UI Touchwiz 3.0 to use comes as an interface between the operating system and users. On maximum of ten start screens, various widgets – as for the E-Mail mailbox, services or the mobile calendar – placed Google can at will.

Ready for Web 2.0

The status bar folds with the swipe of a finger up from the top of the screen down, which informs the user about missed calls or messages, and at the same time exposing soft keys for the music player running in the background and the connectivity settings. In the multi-part main menu, including a direct link to the online-shop for additional software, where several hundred apps for individual soft tuning can be found.

Unfortunately, the wave 723 not from the full app range can draw as the display resolution for some deals is just too low. The Bada-phone for the mass phenomenon of social networking is well placed. With pre-installed client for Facebook and Twitter are the two most important networks at the start and can be represented together with email and SMS input in a joint application, the social hub. For chat buddies, the 723 has the two Instant Messenger Parlingo and Yahoo on board. Complete the software facilities with solid Organizer functions.

Round lab performance

On the hardware side, the standard is satisfied with Wi-FI, HSDPA and GPS, only HSUPA – for quick uploading of images in social networks – is missing. In order to take pictures or videos, is a 5-megapixel camera along with small photo LED flash replacement available.

Also the technical parameters can be seen: the lab engineers of our TESTfactory certify a maturity of more than seven hours in the typical mix of uses of email, surfing, listening to music and calls the battery – which is above average for smartphones. Energy management is a strength of Samsung, not only with the wave devices by the way generally.

The transmission and reception quality in the GMS, as well as in the UMTS networks moving at a proper level, only the acoustic measurements to be a bit weaker in comparison to the competition, and under laboratory conditions.

The bottom line, the Samsung wave 723 is a decent mid-range Smartphone that could pave the way to the mass market to Samsung’s Bada OS. Who wants to spend too much money for a talented versatile Smartphone, can take the 723 in the shortlist.