Samsung Smart Watches Review

At CES in Los Angeles took a brand new technology that has been developed in cooperation Samsung and BMW. Smart Watch Samsung Galaxy Gear, the second generation to appear on the market in the near future, is able to provide BMW owners a lot of information.

Technology was named BMW iRemote and will cover the production of electric vehicles the Bavarian manufacturer. So far, so i3 model, later also forthcoming i8 car. Tucsonsmartwatches application allows the owner of the car, for example, to determine the current state of battery charge and distance traveled on stored energy, but also the condition of the windows and doors. Or it can advance prior to annealing  to adjust the temperature in the car, which should be nice in the winter months. Just to watch selects the desired temperature step, instructs and air conditioning in the car he will do the rest …

Send to Car feature may turn voice guidance via S Voice sent from smart watches to the built-in navigation destination other ways, including waypoints. So you need at breakfast makes an electric car driver driving schedule sends it to the navigation and after taking your car no longer has to worry about anything, the car knows where you are going.