Samsung N220 Plus

The Samsung N220 plus, a 10-incher, will cost around 390 euros and has good keyboard and great battery life.

The Samsung N220 plus presents itself as by South Koreans used a simple but yet classy look. Overall, the housing – is very solidly built in a subtle green or red – available, the mechanism is stable and the screen hinges open smoothly, without sound to attract attention to themselves. Alone the shelves for the Palm knarzen at the laying on of hands.

Anti-reflective display content with maximum 1024 x 600 resolve pixels, which is measured in diagonal screen size of 10.1 inch sure at one since desktop icons and websites clearly and not too fairly represented. At maximum intensity, we could measure a brightness of 220 cd / m² ²; Thus, the Samsung N220 plus is also in brightly lit indoor readable, with the quality of representation with partial views of the display generally suffers.

Prolific writer will appreciate the keyboard comfortable to use, which boasts enough large-sized pushers despite lack of space. Fortunately the keyboard at normal pressure at any point bends through; the individual keys are firmly anchored and clean each other deposed. However blind scribe will have to get only layout differs from standard keyboard. So, for example, the bigger-smaller button not as usual next to the left, but next to the right shift key is placed, what initially above all for this reason leads to incorrect entries, because the right shift key has fallen somewhat short and the little finger 10-finger writing must make a slightly larger balancing act.

Also the acting as a mouse replacement trackpad that reliably responds to inputs and multi-touch detection by expanding and merging of thumb and forefinger allows zooming in documents and Web pages conveniently is well managed. Speaking of which: the Samsung N220 plus either via Wi-FI or Ethernet Jack, finds its way into the Internet a 3 g module is not integrated.

The 66 Watt hours the NetBook keeps large current collector outstanding for ten hours away from the power supply in a good mood – that is sufficient for a full day’s work and is in the standard connect test procedure full score; Computing and graphics performance are very decent for a NetBook, but are moving at an overall average level.