Samsung Galaxy SIV Could Be Presented on 15 March

Samsung has achieved a greatly recognized with its range of Galaxy brand image is something undeniable, not in vain, many flock to the shops not to ask for an Android smartphone, but a Galaxy phone. The Galaxy S series is pillar stronger from this recognition, and his next element, the Samsung Galaxy SIV, is already on everyone’s lips.

First we saw leaked images of a supposed prototype, and then he has played with the filing date to confirm the brand itself that would not teach it in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress.

The latest rumors they are running high in terms of specifications, and we prefer to summarize them with rendering that illustrates the article, by a fan, showing the alleged technical characteristics of the so-called smartphone to flag Android in this 2013.

In addition, speculation that have become the date of filing on March 15, a couple of months ahead of its predecessor, which was introduced in may, perhaps to compete with Apple, which also said the launch of its iPhone 5.

Obviously, the device would take something else to reach the shelves, although some more, then rumored that It would be on sale in early April, Although unspecified markets.

Is clear that the Samsung Galaxy IMS will be a large terminal, and that specifications will be at the height, although surely Koreans more surprised with its premium suite and the additions of software than with a career of hardware we’ve already seen all.

Will you loose garment Samsung at the Mobile World Congress?