Samsung Galaxy S6 Test

Sales start for Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge: Samsung sold on Friday its new high-end Smaprthones. Up on the rounded display at the edge, they are almost identical. They belong to the best that so far there were smartphones.

Sales start for the Samsung Galaxy S6 is today, Friday. The new flagship of the Samsung smartphones comes in two versions in the trade: the Samsung Galaxy S6 and its nearly identical sister model S6 edge with display curved at the sides are among the best, what the c’t was so far to the test. The new models leave nothing to be desired, which is an evident in the numerous pre-orders. There are apparently twice as many as in the previous Galaxy S5. With prices ranging from 700 to 1050 euro are the devices to the launch of but also two of the currently most expensive smartphones.

An image as printed

Excellent cuts off the screen in the test: the Galaxy S6 has the best smartphone screen, the c’t so far could be tested. It shows the advantages of typical of Samsung OLED technology without their usual disadvantages such as the Pentile effect. Thanks to the resolution of 2560 × 1440 pixels, it comes with 576 dpi on a hotness like no other series made display – everything appears as printed. AMOLED displays are typically not quite as bright as LCDs – the S6 comes but even on record 636 to 650 cd / m ² and more. It is not only the brightest OLED display, but one of the brightest Smartphone display ever; It can be read off even in the blazing sun.

The Exynos-7 processor with its eight cores, to two of the fastest smartphones are the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge. Despite this strong performance, they showed in the test and long durations. The battery is empty, but it can be charged 29 minutes on 50 percent of its capacity. That work also wirelessly, then but more slowly. The built-in camera can replace compact cameras of the middle class – as long as you need no optical zoom. The high-quality housing are made of durable, scratch-resistant Gorilla glass 4 and aluminium.

Little to complain about

Only the firmly built battery and the lack of a memory card slots belong to the disadvantages of the S6 of the Galaxy and the Galaxy S6 edge. The latter can handle itself thanks to the storage capacities of 32 to 128 gigabytes.