Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Clear View Cover May Damage the Screen

A number of users are experiencing that Samsung’s own Clear View cover for Galaxy S6 Edge, actually destroys the screen.

Together with any great launch, Samsung makes a wide range of accessories such as covers. Most often, these accessories, when they come from the manufacturer itself, quite reasonable since they are specifically designed to fit your phone, however, costs the parts usually also something more than when one buys from another party.

The first round of the Clear View covers for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has apparently a slightly bad problem, they damage the screen they are designed to protect.Clear View cover is designed in transparent plastic, so you can see the time and other information without opening the cover.

A number of users from XDA is reporting that they are seeing that the cover actually scratching the screen, and has delivered a number of images showing how wrong it is gone. The problem is not seen on the Galaxy S6 model, speculation, therefore, that the curved edges on the Edge model, allows that there is something bad in between the screen and cover, and the hard plastic subsequent digs the dirt off of the screen.