Samsung Galaxy ‘Fonblet’, Not Huge Samsung Smartphone Will Be a Note

Samsung seems unwilling to abandon his position of privilege, and although in the CES2013 Koreans left the role for other actors, yes showed the powerful new components of its future Galaxy. In addition, was also presented to the Samsung Galaxy SII Plus, and the first rumors have come in lathe to a Galaxy Note 8.0 and this Samsung Galaxy Fonblet which we now speak.

Samsung does not seem to be never satisfied in terms of size, and it seems that the saying “big boat walk or don’t walk” has permeated deep between the Korean dome. While everyone threw terminals with screens of 3.5 inches long ago they did 4, and their devices have continued to grow to the present day.

Samsung Galaxy Fonblet is another smartphone coming to dazzle friends and strangers when we talk about with him, and is that your screen would grow no less than to the 5.8 inch. Not in vain, remember already rumored a Galaxy Note III screen 6.3 inches, and the company already has in the market the Samsung Galaxy Player 5.8, with a screen of that size and resolution qHD.

The hardware would be inherited of the latter almost in its entirety, and it seems that it will join Dual-SIM and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean already in his birth to a dual-core 1 GHz Exynos processor. The model that would name this huge phone is GT-I9152, and the terminal will not carry the name “Note”, so we assume that there will be a S-Pen and its features.

Larger sealless terminal Samsung “Note”, to date, it was Galaxy SIII, and boasts one inch less than the Galaxy Fonblet, so the range of sizes of Samsung will be very varied this 2013. And you, you see him travel to a terminal of this type?