Samsung Galaxy 5

The compact Samsung Galaxy 5 offers comprehensive talents. However, its small display and reduced equipment cost points.

The youngest member of the Samsung-Smartphone with Android operating system family listens to the name Galaxy 5 I5500. It is also referred to as Galaxy 550 alternative to find. The prospective buyer may forget confidently again the list price of $299, for the compact smartphone is a fair offer for example the catalogers Amazon 190 euros without a contract available – for a true Android phone.

Handy, however small display

Although in the materials governed, optical Galaxy is likely the price according to plastic 5 yet conquer the hearts of prospective buyers: quite charm the cheap Samsung with its chrome display border and the battery cover either in black or white and is located with its rounded edges very well in hand. Also the dimensions of the Galaxy 5 are compact and its weight is 106 grams pleasantly low. It is ideal for your pocket or small purse.

These advantages is however accompanied by restrictions in other areas. So you have to settle for the UMTS smartphone with a small capacitive (appealing to touch) touchscreen in the 2.8-inch format. The resolution of only 240 x 320 pixels raises no enthusiasm for Web-affine contemporaries, because access to large Internet sites, this means: scrolling, scrolling and scroll again. This is a shame, because the browser of the Galaxy 5 builds the pages quickly and also also easy to operate. Thanks to Wi-FI, you can also hotspots, such as your own home, log on to the device and thus cost-effective surfing. The orientation of the Internet pages in the portrait or landscape is now usual automatically thanks to position sensor.

Unfortunately, entering text suffers from the almost-sized display: with large fingers the fade-in of the Galaxy 5 typewriter keyboard is hard to use. Both in the vertical and horizontal use buttons are quite small.

The Swype input help makes for huge increase in comfort at any kind of messages. Thus it is enough to pull the finger from one letter to the next, a clever text detection takes care of the rest. You can more easily enter longer texts on the small keyboard with this method.

The keys below the display are well managed. All Hardkeys offer a crisp pressure point and can be operated very well. Except 5-way controller, which are used as an alternative to the touch input the Galaxy can work has 5 over the typical Android modifier keys – for the home screen, the options and the search, here as practical rocker keys are executed and in everyday life very good. Only a lighting of the handle would have can buy like Samsung.

Top operation, little features

For Samsung smartphones usually also the Galaxy 5 with own Touchwiz 3.0 UI comes along like, which offers some customization options for the standby light. To do this, the user can seven levels available, which can be equipped with all sorts of widgets, program shortcuts or folders according to their own taste. Also the very fleet operating speed with the Samsung open programs or with which you can zap through the menus, convinced. The multitasking menu, which can be through a long pressing the home button and displays the last six used programs to choose from ensures overview.

The equipment is overall rather mediocre. So the compact smartphone offers HSDPA and EDGE, as well as Wi-FI and GPS; although the download accelerators When it comes to connectivity, some like only HSUPA for a quick upload and miss the n standard with Wi-FI. The device memory with 175 megabytes being some scanty what however large micro-SD-card reasonably compensates with the supplied 1 GB. Apart from that, however, comfort functions lack as about a voice control.

Also the multimedia Department offers rise to the criticism: so the 1.9 megapixel camera only for Fun snips is good. Photo lighting and auto focus are missing as well as the opportunity to play WMV video files. The music player is Android standard and renders any WMA files. Thanks to the very well-hung apps store Android market the feature list can be but easily extended, which helps even the Samsung Galaxy 5 for more shine.

Decent result in the laboratory

Compared with his brothers and sisters had to let the Samsung Galaxy 5 endurance measurements of Springs: the maximum standby time of 16 days and the typical endurance of just over five hours are fine, but not a glorious chapter. Much better results for the talk times are: the Samsung remains in the E-network up to ten hours on reception, on the D NET but about three hours less. With about four hours of talk time UMTS operation is more than respectable. This also applies to the performance in the other measurements.

So is exemplary for the transmission and reception quality, the Samsung Galaxy 5 it gets kudos especially in GSM use. Also the clear acoustics on the phone convinced. Overall the Samsung Android delivers a balanced performance – despite humble facilities. He is an option for budget travelers.