Samsung Finally Shows Its Wireless Charger

Technology moves too fast, and manufacturers sometimes have to squeeze the tables of design to find differentiation with the competition. To date, we have seen little exploited wireless recharging, Although the first steps taken by Nokia and the Nexus 4 advance that we’ll see in the very near future.

One of the more interested manufacturers to incorporate this technology into their devices is Samsung, Interestingly already promised a re-arming kit wireless for your Galaxy SIII which never see the light, although it now appears that your wireless charger is already very close completed the development phase.

Samsung Wireless Charging Pad, that’s the full name chosen by Samsung to this charger, which will have the technology standard Qi and that’s already happening North American FCC certification exams.

As we know, the Samsung Galaxy SIII and other current models from Samsung, as the Galaxy Note, you will need a specific housing to recharge using this technology, since they do not support it directly, but surely we will have this accessory on sale officially for them.

In addition, have little time triggered rumors that point to a Galaxy SIV natively compatible with Wireless charging, and although it is something very predictable, soon is to speak in this sense.

What remains clear is that Samsung is still working on wireless recharge and the attachment could be on sale very soon, Since the safety certifications tend to be one of the last steps before putting a device on sale.