Samsung Can Launch Intelligent Smartphone-Independent Clock

A new smartwatch of Samsung should leave aside the need for a connected smartphone. Until July, the Korean company may launch a kind of Galaxy Gear 3 capable of performing voice calls and other functions, before exclusive cell phones. The information is from the Wall Street Journal.

Samsung’s upcoming smarts can come with Iris sensor, says executive

It’s still not sure what the clock specs will be. However, binding support will certainly require input to chip SIM (NanoSIM), plus much more memory and processing than previous generations of the device – after all, the new Gear should be like a smartphone the size of a wristwatch.

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One thing is certain: your operating system will be the Tizen. As in Gear 2, Samsung’s new smartwatch will rotate the software developed by the company in conjunction with Intel to equip computers, smartphones and other appliances, reaffirming the intention to launch independent Android products, even Samsung’s own smartphones with the Google system.

The initiative is exactly the opposite of manufacturers like LG and Motorola, for example, with their G Watch and Moto 360, which will reach the market shortly with Android Wear, version-based operating system for mobile phones and tablets specially developed for wearable technologies such as bracelets and watches.

Via Wall Street Journal