Samsung B2710 in Practice

Put Samsung in the outdoor mobile phones: the B2710 is the so far probably most robust Samsung phone and offers sporting facilities.

This phone can put away a lot of bad handling – this is clear to everyone that takes the Samsung B2710 in his rubberized case with the thick cover over the USB interface and the set screw battery cover in the hand.

What actually is the phone, is specified in so-called protection classes: at the Samsung B2710 class IP67 is available on paper. What means that the mobile without prejudice is a half-hour water bath at a depth of one meter, leaves no dust inside and Holster shocks without a murmur.

Thus, the Samsung B2710 is a reliable companion in sports, but also on construction sites and in workshops. Anyone looking for such a person, will take mm and impressive for a phone weight 119 gram in buying the slightly larger dimensions of 121 x 52 x 20.

The display of 240 x 300 pixels, protected by a scratch-resistant cover is not a highlight. It is not particularly large, and the fonts are partially bad small in some settings – for example, if one occupies the home screen according to their own taste with functions and quick starters; who wants to open it, can that be easy.

The important basic functions such as phone calls and SMS-tap are already clearly designed for the Samsung B2710 – since the big mobile phone manufacturers not much give.

Sporting facilities – without the last rolls

In the facilities, Samsung tries to give a little sportsmanship the B2710 with along the way. It has a compass, as well as a pretty reliable working in the test step counter on board.

The stop watch is almost common in cell phones. What is missing is a tracking program that could record cycle tours or walks; the necessary GPS receiver is present. Here, Samsung can miss the last consequence.

Also a navigation software is missing the Samsung B2710, there’s the Java version of Google maps with directions and the best search.

The remaining facilities is solid, but but no positive surprises: missing extras like Wi-FI, and the camera take photos with just 2 megapixels of resolution without auto-focus or photo light. A music player together with the corresponding slot for memory cards, as well as an FM radio provide some entertainment. However, Samsung relies on a proprietary port for the headset.

Otherwise, the Samsung B2710 offers a decent management of contacts and appointments, a simple E-Mail and a simple Facebook client, as well as practical additions such as a world clock. On top of that, a link to a shop with Java applications can be found.

For use, Samsung has invested in a noisy environment on top of that in a strong speaker. Learn how the Samsung B2710 in terms of endurance, acoustics and send and receive quality cut off, in the connect issue 2/2011 (from January 7 at the kiosk).

Conclusion: A good wand

In terms of sports facilities, the last consequence is missing though and so the Samsung B2710 also due to some small display is primarily to make calls. This primarily enough who gets a really recommended outdoor cell phone on hand here