Samsung Also on the Road with 64-Bit Processor

iPhone 5S come with a 64-bit processor, and now tells the competitor also that they are on the way with 64-bit processors.

Apple presented Tuesday evening, Danish time, their new “top model” iPhone 5S, which among other things offers fingerprint reader, M7 exercise co-processor and an upgrade on the common processor, which now will be a 64-bit processor.

With a processor on 64-bit you get a smartphone with performance a la a computer, which among other things means you can play graphic heavier games and applications.

However, it requires for real 4 GB RAM before, to a 64-bit processor can be utilized for something interesting, which lasts a little while before we see smartphones with – but Apple shows, after all, that it is on the way. And also even believe that they have solved a bit of it with the new M7 exercise co-processor.

JK Shin, head of Samsung’s Mobile Division which is now have also announced that their next Smartphone will come with a 64-bit processor. It writes our site.

However, it is uncertain when that Samsung will send a new smartphone on the market with 64-bit –perhaps we should wait for Galaxy S5, which first is expected to be in the spring of 2014?