Royal Republiq Handbag

Royal Republiq: urban style / chic you going so well!

The excellent brand bags Republiq Royal embodies the past few years, with other European designer handbags, the emergence of new trends in the leather bag universe to give an urban / chic tone to collections, combined with vintage and happiness classic, happy legacy of a fruitful period of fashion that was the 70s and 80s, including London, in Soho fond creator designer of the brand. Among other items, it is heavily in its catalog, human leather bags and woman resolutely urban look, speaking and amateurs of urban chic and contemporary fashion which, so far, need assistive devices the comfortable format.

The popular 24 bag or city bag (top) meets these requirements and seduces women and businessmen, and all overloaded urban nomads who can accommodate their pc, documents in addition to their usual personal effects and, why not, a few shirts in transit.The rational arrangement of pockets, inner lining, leather shoes in the bag, the finely aged and removable shoulder strap leather finish impeccably this city bag of fine quality leatherwhich nicely embodies this trend for a sober and elegant style with a touch of “trendiness” unisex which is suitable for both women and men who are susceptible.

Royal Republiq, and its creator Nicolas Kjaer, offers, besides the leather city bag, original models of bags for women such bag leather vintage spirit, or more likely, unusual handbags to neat arrangements (Victoria, Countess) and wallets original and innovative (Vertigo), backpacks and laptop bags to ride his laptop, and a multitude of everyday accessories such as leather cases for smartphones or tablets, toilet bags and other purses and wallets. Some of these models are even available in a version of “vintage” customized distressed leather as if it dated from 10 years ago, for the purists of the vintage that, for once, bein bears his name! Others are declined in a web version, and superb quality leather and aesthetic sobriety, including a thick cotton canvas 450 gr / m2 and genuine leather trim fat.

The man spoke is also well equipped models perfectly in tune with contemporary lifestyles in design and dressed buffs worked finesse to offer a sophisticated and authentic finish that can be found on SIZEABLEHANDBAGS.COM through wallets ranges messenger, laptop briefcase, city bag 24, rucksacks and beautiful leather travel bags of various sizes that will fulfill the expectations of cities and fields dandies! Note that this great offer is pleasantly full of beautiful accessories in the same elegant and distinguished minds such as toilet bags, wallets, cases, belts, etc. designed with the same attention to style and quality that animates all of these ranges.

Finally, the Danish brand has expanded its offering to collections of leather shoes in the same urban spirit / chic vintage strand, from the fine city shoe to regressive boots through sneakers and derby, so your range the perfect trendy urban modder is complete. With such a catalog, Royal Republiq really become a major brand in the world of European leather.

The manufacture of these lines is ensured by craftsmen carefully selected leather, Portugal and India; yes, do not dream! Such fashion accessories also offered at reasonable prices considering the quality, it is not a manufactured product made in France ! So what?Anyway, there is no equivalent of the brand in France, the problem is fixed! You have doubts? Compare and compare again and again, it is you never say enough: The only way to make smart purchases, it is to the brand and product competition; by comparing their qualities and defects, then you do you an objective opinion, without the influence of marketing.