Rolex: One of The Most Famous Names in Watchmaking

Rolex It is one of those brands that all us sound, we are consumers of luxury goods or not, and it’s an important brand not only within the luxury market, but in general within the world of the Watch.

Swiss company, of course it could be otherwise (although its owner wasn’t it), which dedicates itself since 1905, when it was founded by Hans Wildorf and Alfred Davis (brothers-in-law) to the creation of watches and accessories. Initially it was named Wilsdorf & Davis, but later acquired the name by which we know it today Rolex Watch Company, in 1908.

By the hands of the designers of this company (in entirely private) have passed some more classic watch models, the latest innovations in materials, designs, and clocks which have dressed some of the most important people on the planet.

In addition, as always happens with the good firms, their products have not lost with the age of the brand, had been (to put it in some way) after acquiring a name, but that today his collections remain innovative and attractive, always outstanding in the market.

To prove it today I will tell you of any parts from your current collection, my favorites, although I must admit that they are many and I am sure that always can find one for your tastes, whatever.

Let’s start by the Oyster Perpetual Datejust, the first wrist watch to incorporate the date, a model with history introduced in 1945, that is which heads the post.

There is also a female version, the Oyster Perpetual Lady-Datejust, an automatic available in different variants: yellow, white gold, pink, Platinum…

Another of my favorite models is the Cellini Prince, inspired by the 1920s, with a rectangular box and a transparent back, something which I love because it lets you see all the clock movement.

On the other hand the Rolex Cellini Danaos mixing elegance with modernity, thanks to a circular dial with a strap in leather and different models and different mechanisms for them and they.

Finally, the Sea-Dweller Deepsea, specifically designed for scuba divers, which shows that it is not only a luxury brand but is also functional. It can withstand the pressure of a depth of 3,900 metres.

Finally, as como veis you can see there are all models and styles, something that we especially want to thank those who seek personal accessories.

The problem of Petsinclude? Rolex watches? As today undoubtedly the imitations have an image known ta has a price and it is precisely that, estimated to cause a loss of 100 million per year.