Rockabilly Hairstyle Guide For Girls

It has Yes have you ever heard the term Rockabilly, but what exactly is that?

Rockabilly Hairstyle Guide

Originally, it is a genre of music, namely a kind of rock ‘n’ roll at rockabilly and emerged in the 1950s as a young, white musicians from the South of the United States newly interpreted the black rhythm and blues and country music mixed. Famous musicians of rockabilly are Buddy Holly, Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash.

Popular and widely the term was rockabilly but only in the course of the revival of this music in the early 1980s. A correct rockabilly scene exists nowadays particularly in Europe and Japan with concerts, classic car meeting, own magazines and people with an appropriate lifestyle.

Used originally for the music rockabilly refers to now also certain hairstyles, jewelry and clothing. Styles of the 1940s and 1950s years are included, but most newly interpreted. The rockabilly style is not a historical copy of the 40s and 50s, but something completely separate.

At that time in particular misfits were setting related tattoos today for a rockabilly. As a woman it would have been absolutely unthinkable in the 1950s, to tattoo themselves.

Also skulls and flaming hearts nor in the 40s in the 50s had been considered a motive for clothes or jewelry that would be very bizarre. For rockabilly fruit such as cherries and strawberries and the poodle had previously not particularly verbreitestes motif. One can call everything that typically affects girls, incidentally Rockabella.

In typical rockabilly hairstyles and very much out of the 40s and 50s pin-up culture is assumed for the 1940s makeup, Betty Page with their iconic Pony and Rosie the Riveter with her headscarf, which today often to the bandana headband is mutated, which did not exist in their 40s are particularly popular as inspiration.

Stiebitzt is also very common for the “Greaser” look of the men in the 50s for rockabilly hairstyles for girls. This applies in particular for the great known by Elvis Presley, “Pompadour”, which is applied in all variants for girls English.

Here my own greaser rockabilly hairstyle with Pompadour role for all the girls with long hair step by step. Most important, you need a hair comb in hair color for the hair! You get something like that in every corner drugstore.

Instructions 1

Turn the hair for volume and good grip on large heating rod.

Allow to cool about 20 minutes.


Instructions 2

Pull side parting.

Hair on the top of the head next to the Seitscheitel share off and put away.

All hair on the sides and back together and together rear clamp.

Instructions 3

Turn the hair from the sides and rear to a banana.

Insert the comb on the middle of the head. So keeping the hairstyle without you Need hair pins or hair clips.

The comb is passing him in the hair only with the open side upwards pointing from bottom to top and then folding it to the position shown in the picture.

Hair Combs always opposed the direction of the hair plug, otherwise they do not keep.

Rest of hair of the banana clamp it again, which is incorporated in the great.

Instructions 4

Now the hair on the top of the head to strongly back.

Hair for a role shaping and PIN over the side parting with hair clips.

Instructions 5

The remaining hair in the banana together and put in a role in the form of a P.

The role on the top of the head must be merged with the roll out of the banana.

With Bobby pins in and under the now attach a large role.

Instructions 6

On the back of the head the hair slightly pull down to hide the hair comb.

Invisible stuck.

Fix everything with hair spray and bring to shine.

Get ready!

Rockabilly style

When styling, we have gone rock ‘n’ roll in that direction and have modeled after a 50-year college style.

Rumble59 – saddle shoes for ladies-red wine with the typical Bobby Socks for the authentic 50’s look.

Rumble59 – College sweat jacket – bordeaux. Vintage color and vintage cut.

Rumble59 ladies denim – perfect pencil skirt. Pencil skirt in classic cut with standardized high-waisted in denim for the sporty touch.