RIM BlackBerry Torch 9800 in the Test

RIMs new business, multimedia and messaging machine has become the new number one of the leaderboard with a coherent overall package.

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Break atmosphere in the mobile phone world is: iOS and Android have stormed the market with its innovative touch screen concepts and really sweat the old-timers of the industry. In particular the business pioneer research in motion (RIM) and Microsoft could compete at least previously difficult hip control surfaces of the newcomers.

The new versions of the operating systems to bring improvement. Microsoft has with an iron broom and everything to zero set the new Windows phone 7 means a radical change of philosophy and the break with tried and true.

Somewhat more cautious Canadians from RIM to works are gone. The new BlackBerry 6.0 is not complete overhaul of their operating system, but a most useful extension and user-friendly adjustment of the surface of the touch screen control. Who will be Microsoft with its radical tour or RIM with its functional facelift, successful at the end of the day, will show the future.

The new OS on the catwalk

With the BlackBerry torch 9800 – torch is a torch – celebrates not only the new OS 6 version premiere, but also the first touch screen Smartphone with pull-out Writing desk from Canada. But let’s first look at the renovated Interior. Total developers adhere to the previous guidelines, the image of the user interface has changed only slightly. However, RIM provides an interesting control concept with the new version and the touch screen control combined with the proven trackpad and the BlackBerry button, which as an alternative or in addition to the touch screen can be used and context-dependent even need – for example, when you call available options or about the multitasking view.

The home screen background image can be freely selected, direct links, or favorite contacts can be on it but not. To access the installed software and the setting options opens the main menu with vertical swipe of a finger from the bottom to the top of the screen.

Like a virtual drawer, the menu can be gradually pull out; the user may freely decide whether he wants to can display one, two, three or four rows with shortcuts. What applications where available, can be freely selected by moving a finger. On request, the raised main menu remains permanently or disappears completely at the bottom of the screen. Horizontal left right wipe when menu folded up can be organize soft content in five different views.

Who wants to crawl all the time all menu entries, can drop his preferred applications under the “Favorites” tab or access through the view of “often”. Software downloads and multimedia tools are listed each an own view the overview for the sake. This needs to be all once learned. BlackBerry greenhorns are likely to feel initially somewhat disoriented with this concept transparent not on right off the bat, a certain orientation is necessary in any case.

Remedy the elegant universal search, which is called from the stand out. This is done simply to enter the first few letters of the desired content – the BlackBerry immediately lists matching results from contacts, apps, notes, or also multimedia content. Searched in which target paths that can be defined in the search options. The local search on device memory is scruffy, in addition the BlackBerry Appworld, Google or YouTube also be included in the search.

Communication is everything

The reputation precedes a BlackBerry to be – the perfect mail machine and also the torch is a credit to the. To convince not only the push capabilities for business and private E-Mail traffic, but also the full messaging features.

So the main networks with already installed client for Facebook, Twitter and MySpace are already planned; they are supplemented with applications for the most popular Instant Messenger. In addition the program “Feed of social”, where can a converging messages from all established networks and messengers, Subscribe to various RSS feeds for the absolute News Flash.

Also you can post their own messages, Neu tweets, either in all or selected networks thus, so publish. What doesn’t work is directly commenting on messages from friends; to do this, first open the appropriate client at your fingertips.

Also the Web browser now – just like iOS and Android – based on Web Kit open HTML technology has been revised as part of the software update. It allows therefore surfing on multiple pages at the same time, but also multitouch gestures, as well as automatic line breaks when zooming. Animated Flash content will not appear. The 3.2-inch screen, provides the necessary overview while surfing especially in landscape mode.

Input options

The capacitive touchscreen responds to finger touches immediately and reliably; When it comes to the point even closer – in online forms – the trackpad can be taken to help. Its sensitivity can adapt individually in addition to the fine motor skills of the user. The main argument for a BlackBerry is the mechanical Writing desk, which is the BlackBerry torch 9800 on top level. Even the top digit, which is located on the housing of the display slider phones often too close and is inconvenient to reach, has solved RIM – here is sufficient air.

The individual handles are firmly anchored and give feedback when typing significantly. For an optimal operation with two thumbs RIM has starting slightly tilted the orientation of the keys by the middle left respectively to the right, so that they can be served better with the thumb. However, anything but intuitive is entering the German umlauts: to an ä to create ö or ü, you need press the button for the respective vowel and at the same time wipe across the trackpad.

The Canadians have leased the business claim Yes more or less; their new top model is consequently a quality Bowl. The metallic frame of the BlackBerry torch 9800 is chic and elegance gives the slider. Also the completely rubberized back with fluted battery cover and good grip for secure hold is managed.

The slider of this Smartphone also meets the highest requirements: the screen slides upwards evenly and smoothly and remains stable in the extended State. The construction-related game between the two components is also here, but barely noticeable.

In total the best

With an overall coherent overall package of BlackBerry torch 9800 secures the place in the Sun the connect Smartphone-leaderboard and gets “excellent” as the first smartphone at all the note. The mobile phone has achieved exemplary results in all disciplines and put a solid run in the TESTfactory. Great touchscreen, full Writing desk, good laboratory values and contemporary amenities are a top result.

RIM has remained his virtues and has paired successfully with the social networking and rich media-hype the demands of professional users. Unique “Email push service” may be now obsolete, is dropped but only at first glance as a selling point – Finally, BlackBerrys are companies recognized business phones and everyday companion estimated last but not least because of their security policies and group policy. In addition, when accessing mobile data RIMs proxy servers reduce the amounts to be transferred to a minimum; that may play a relatively minor role in times of data flat rates, when traveling abroad, however, this cost factor comes into play again.

The BlackBerry torch 9800 will surely find his followers, mainly in the BlackBerry clientele. new target groups will be despite social networking and multimedia features due to the immense presence of Android and co., however, hard to open up. Benefit RIM could however by Microsoft’s move to the mass market – this will win themselves any other business users.

Data sheet

Operating system BlackBerry 6.0
Processor / clock speed (MHz) 624
internal memory (MB) 3975
Memory card slot MicroSD
QWERTY keyboard / touchscreen / multitouch / /
Battery type / variable Li-ion /.
Headset / data cable Stereo headset /.
Size of memory card 4 GB
Charging cable for the car / holder for your car /
GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 / / /
GPRS / EDGE / UMTS / LTE / / /
HSDPA / HSUPA 7.2 /.
Wi-FI standard 802.11b / g / n
… Headset / Handsfree / A2DP / /
… Object push / OBEX / AVRCP / /
… SIM access, phone book / HID / /
USB type / storage / charging / /
Type / size (inch) TFT / 3.2
Resolution (PX) 360 x 480
Number of colors 65 thousand
Call list / language selection /
Situation profiles / airplane mode / vibrating alert > 6 /. /
Handsfree / mute /
Email / POP3 / IMAP / HTML / / /
Contact management
Phone numbers / E-Mail addresses (number per contact) 7 / 3 / 3
Image / notes field / date of birth / /
Appointment management
Day / week / month view / /
weekly / annual events /
Alarm clock when device is off
Sync: Outlook / Mac /
Notes: Outlook-sync
Look at Word / edit /
Consider Excel / edit /
PDF Viewer / calculator / voice memo / /
Web / frame / Java / Java scripting / / /
Flash / https / home / Favorites / /
Audio format: MP3 / WMA / M4A / AAC / / /
Video player / full screen display /
Video format: 3GP / MP4 / WMV / /
Integrated camera
Resolution (megapixel) 5
Receiver GPS / A-GPS /
Navi-software / onboard / offboard / /
Navi / route planner /
Dimensions in mm 111 x 62 x 15
Weight (grams) 162
Endurance D power (hours) 7:50 am
Endurance interview E-Netz (hours) 8:52 am
Endurance conversation UMTS (hours) 3:09
type. Endurance (hours) 3:54
standard radiation factor / SAR value (manufacturer) -0.16 / 0,910


ENDURANCE (100) satisfying 73
Endurance talk (35) 24
Persistence display mode (65) 49
FACILITIES (170) satisfying 112
System (15) 8
Scope of delivery (10) 10
Display (40) 24
Connectivity (15) 8
Phone features (10) 10
Messaging (15) 12
PIM (15) 14
Office (5) 5
Web browser (15) 8
Camera (15) 5
Music and video (10) 6
Navigation (5) 2
HANDLING (140) well 109
Ease of handling 32
User interface 57
Processing quality 20
MEASUREMENTS (90) well 71
Transmission and reception quality GSM (30) 26
Transmission and reception quality UMTS (30) 19
Acoustic measurements send (15) 14
Acoustic measurements receiving (15) 12