Review: Pickup Lyra Kleos

One had to be a prophet to prophesy that soon more Lyra cartridge with an optimised geometry of the generator would follow the sensational Delos. When Lyra developer Jonathan Carr then announced the next model with the name of Kleos (around 2800 euros), the curious stereoplay testers put all the stops to secure a copy for themselves.

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In the world-exclusive test, the editorial staff finally wanted to clarify a very exciting and tricky question: can the newcomer, even though almost half the price, the hotel’s top system – the stereoplay-reference Lyra Titan i – thanks to the development of disputes make the rank?

The clearest difference between Lyra Kleos and Delos shows can be found on the body of the system. This is also when the Kleos from solid aluminium, but he has a raised hump; only in this area, it is connected to the mounting plate with the headshell. Carr believes that he has improved pressed, six millimeters long hard metal cylinders the resonance properties crucial with this trick and two at the back.

Also by the heavier 7075 aluminum alloy, the Kleos body should be incidentally resonance poorer as the body of the Lyra Delos. Carr at the Kleos took over the new geometry of the generator and the two asymmetric rubber damper of Delos.

The coil wound on a metal plate with particularly linear magnetic properties of pure copper (99.9999%) has slightly less turns than in the Delos. The cantilever boron but sits no Namiki diamond with micro-Ridge cut at the smaller brother, but a Line contact species. She receives a Lyra specified shape with fillets from 3 to 70 µmat ogura . Because Carr is rightly convinced that cantilever and diamond must harmonize, also of the cantilever is subtly different than at the Delos at the Kleos.

The tension in the room was great, when it was compared the Kleos. The editorial concluded not only the phono stages reference Naim Superline (end nF 470 Ohm/5.6) together with supercap power supply , but also the exclusive Lyra phono connoisseur 4-2 P SE, which excellently harmonises with Lyra Abbot asters and here the differences between the Abbot asters showed even more clearly.

The listening tests, we in order to faster comparability with two Tonearms Ekos SE on the reference turntable Linn LP 12 SE radical carried out, went in the first round: in the duel of Kleos against Delos impressed the Delos with the usual powerful muscular bass and his rousing musicality. The Lyra Kleos but showed a finer detail and a significantly grown sound panorama.

Since it was also musically just as gripping and differentiated, the testers quickly became clear that now the Platzhirsch Titan i had in the ring. But the newcomer was located by the ancients did not impress – even the strengths of Lyra Titan i could beat the Kleos. So the location of instruments or voices even contour sharper was with him, and with loud tutti inserts it granted more review than the Titan i.

The Kleos with lighter heights bought these benefits itself but – with Scary Grand vs. Dadableep (“crash – SG’s more mix”;) LoFi stereo 39/Compact) clearly, where the system stunningly three-dimensional distributed the pluckernden Pfiep tones in the room. The tester had the impression that the sounds from all corners come. The bass sounded also clearer, versatile, richer, deeper.

New scale

Carr bred perhaps the Kleos on grandstanding? By no means. In quiet piano passages – such as the Overture by Richard Wagner’s Parsifal (Philips), conducted by Hans Knappertsbusch – the Lyra Kleos mediated not only very natural acoustics of Bayreuth Festspielhaus, a so intense stress built up also, that the enthusiastic testers “New reference” called – and even of a new chapter in the analogue playback spoke.

Lyra Kleos

Manufacturer Lyra
Price €2800.00
Rating 61.0 points
Test procedure 1.0





Technical data and test results

Measured values
Output voltage 8 cm / s 0.81 mV
System impedance 5.5 ohm / 9, 4µH
Depth scanning ability 315 120 µm
Recommended tracking force 20 mN
High-frequency distortion 0.05%
Deep resonance in the 13-g-arm 8.5 Hz
System weight 8.8 g
Tonearm weight class medium
Short conclusion Lyra has succeeded. With new construction, the Kleos titanium trumped the previous leader i quite clearly – and it almost at half the price. Something like that can be described only as analog sensation.
Sound Absolute top class
Sound points
(maximum 70 points)
Measured values
(maximum 10 points)
(max. 15 points)
(maximum 10 points)
Overall rating (maximum 120 very good 85 points
Price / performance Very good
tested in issue: 10 / 10