Review: Headphones Koss Porta Pro

Cleverly designed, slick and also sound strongly – three decade following the introduction of the series is the Koss Porta Pro a real cult object.

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The American company Koss has a wide range of different Headphone models in the program. Actually, the extremely lightweight and collapsible Porta Pro is designed for mobile use. Due to the excellent seat, he makes a very good figure but also in the home business.

In addition, two seated over the ear pads at the base of the bracket enhance wearing comfort. Due to the high efficiency of the Porta Pro can play out its potential to each source. His tonal skills are amazing: never one would expect a so rich and precise bass when a headphone of this type. The volume and dynamics of the sparkling American make old look considerably more expensive competitors. Nevertheless, distorted or the Porta Pro never blew up the action. As one of the few manufacturers of headphones, Koss Porta Pro ten year warranty gives.

Koss PortaPro

Manufacturer Koss
Price €85.00
Rating 65.0 points
Test procedure 1.0

Technical data and test results

Construction Open
Function principle dynamic
Weight 60.0
Connection plug Jack plug 3.5 mm
Measured values
Impedance 58.0 ohm
Efficiency 100.5 dB
Clever thought, cleverly made, strong sound
Review sound 65
Facilities well
Operation Very good
Processing Very good
Sound judgment 65
tested in 10 / 01