Review: 9 Active Subwoofer

Who want to feel bass immediately resorts to a subwoofer with built-in amplifier. We tested nine active subwoofer.

Let’s face it – quite without bass, music is really no fun. Fortunately there is a solution but for every problem, and subwoofer is the answer against bass poverty. These are woofer with an integrated amplifier, which help each plant in a jiffy to more bass – and so also to more Spaß.Das beauty is up to them, that they also more easily and also easy to expand. So the music lover can take his beloved subwoofer easily from his old one in his new car. We tested nine this fun suppliers between 200 and 800 euros. The price range is therefore the size chosen, because we wanted to – cover the whole bandwidth in this area for the correct Active Subwoofer. Die bandwidth each ranges from the ultra compact mini subwoofer that fits under the seat until to the full-blown 30s, which brings the car to the quake with fantastic qualities of deep bass. All here tested bass boxes accept the music signal via high level input and can thus be operated on any radio. In factories, the proper connection thus represents no problem. For wiring, the subwoofer give also frugal: A simple, not oversized power cord to the battery is enough, you can grab off the mass close to the installation location of the body. To get only the stripping of the speaker, and that’s it – now the bass pleasure can go! You read the full article in carhifi 2/2011. The booklet can be ordered right here in the Shop.