Removable Wall Stickers for Bathroom

The interior bathrooms recently become popular variety of original labels, whose main task in the first place is fragmented. The use of such labels is quite intense throughout not only in Eastern and Western Europe.

With labels bathroom interior can be designed either as originally decorated and refreshed then, after several years of work. Choose stickers for bathroom decor produce accessories such as vinyl, although there are models and alternative materials.

In this case, the vinyl film removes all types of images, and then transferred to a silhouette. The buyer already transferred attractive color picture on the wall of his bathroom.

first wall decals in the bathtub appeared in Frantsiya. It was the French steel tradition these accessories, today offering products from different materials, different colors and genres.

However sticker bathroom European manufacturers are at a very high price. Take an example, the size of the label 100 x 60 cm can cost around 100 euros, and the smallest of them are sold at a price of about 10 evro.

Labels and internal Chinese production is much lower than the pan-European, but their design and quality, of course, somewhat lower than the expensive. Vinyl decals bath were able to maintain the same appearance up to 5 years or more.

Furthermore, when necessary, they can be re-stick to other places more than cheaper serve about 3 years old, and are glued to the wall once without any possibility.


It should be remembered that the stickers on the mounting surface weaker stable – paint or wallpaper – can cause damage to these surfaces during the removal of stickers.

Terms sticking labels on the wall in the bathroom with advantages and disadvantages:

  • Surface under the application must be clean and dry;
  • Wall at the site of the future location of the labels that you want to put the layout for precise installation of the product;
  • Packing perform slowly without releasing the label from the substrate immediately and in full;
  • Sticker must be smooth from the center to the edges, and from top to bottom, gradually removing stickers from the substrate;
  • At the end should be sticking the label several times to iron rubber for reliability;
  • Remove foil label with a soft cloth.

Consider the features that have stickers applied to the design of the bathroom interior bathroom:

They feature a wide range of colors, shapes and themes. So for example, by making colorful success with consumers enjoy black and white stickers that can perfectly fit into the interior of the bathroom, which is made ​​in the respective colors.

Speaking of bright, colorful labels, and then use them in large quantities, best to create a lighter accent color. Best to look smooth walls stiker. Light vinyl labels is very high, so they are able to retain their juiciness colors, even during prolonged UV radiation.

Stickers differ versatility. They can be used not only in the decoration of bathrooms and kitchens, children’s and other topics of stickers – flowers, landscapes, abstract, children, text, and many others to suit all tastes.

They can put two adjoining wall and perpendicular to the surface – the windowsill, and the second wall (sticker in the corner), niche which will add richness and depth of performance.

In addition, the stickers may be stamped and have a different texture. Also, they can be combined or used independently designers are combined. Labels perfectly susceptible to the bathroom sink, as well as the usual water, and using a variety of detergents. Learn more on

The main advantage of these labels, in addition to the application that is environmentally friendly because the product is absolutely not emit harmful vinyl decals consist of paper covered with vinyl layer and model of the protective film.
If you decide to get in its vinyl stickers bathroom, consider carefully their themes and colors, select the desired size and, finally, buy or make stickers that will make for you to order.