Reasons Why I Do Not Wear Earrings

For a while now, what was a virtually immovable custom how to put Earrings in ears girls It has become a choice and many parents decide to not make holes in the ears to their daughters to make them decide that later, if doing so or not.

This has led to many future parents and recent parents raised this issue: get earrings to the girl?

It is a completely personal issue whose decision requires a minimum reflection. I don’t have daughters, but my opinion on this is that if one day I had a girl, we don’t put earrings.

These are the reasons according to Foodezine:

  • I think a tradition something outdated: I know since when is carried out, although I do know that the Romans did with their girls. I think it’s been many years now, and although it is a deeply rooted tradition it seems old and not very useful.
  • Are your ears: And not the mine. It is your body and I do not consider myself who, not being his father, to decide for her on an issue as irrelevant. I think it is something personal that will have to decide it when you want to.From my point of view when we educate children try to be independent and to be able to make their own decisions: this, given that it is your body and concerning you it, is one of them.
  • It hurts: Just a couple of decades ago children were operated without anesthesia because it was believed that they felt no pain. We now know that no this is not true and that if they suffer pain. Put earrings hurts them and personally I do not conceive harm a baby without.
  • I don’t see babies with lobster clasp: It is a purely personal matter, clear, but bracelets, earrings, rings or chains seem to me walkin that babies do not need and which should be used when they want.
  • They can be caught: As earring that get you is a risk of snagging in clothes, with a plush, with a wool jacket… and can make them much damage or even hurt the ear lobe.
  • There are other ways to differentiate sex: “It’s a boy, because not wearing earrings.” Many girls carry earrings so you know that they are girls… from my point of view is very easy to ask “what is it called?” to find out if it is a boy or a girl or if I hurry, ask “is boy or girl?
  • Because when teenager and asks me a piercing I can not deny me: The sense that I decide for her as a baby, putting him two pending, and when it is teen decide for it which do not put them.
  • In the lobe is the representation of the head: This is related to the ear, which is the technique by which is diagnosed and treated different diseases, stimulating points located in the ear.Any pending or piercing, according to the point where it is located, will be stimulating the area that represents. In principle the point where usually make girls earrings are equal in the eyes and not think that girls have vision problems or to see better, but just in case, would not touch the girls ears.

All these are the reasons why I, personally I would not put earrings for my daughter (if it ever had one), but see logical that on this subject there are other opinions and arguments and therefore I invite you you answer to the question that I have already replied: Earrings in the girls do or not?