RAF Simons Collaborated with Fred Perry New for Spring-Summer 2011

Talk about collaborations with Fred Perry and speaking of RAF Simons It is the same. The designer has found in this British firm a real reef where to innovate under the protection of one of the more classic and old of mother England and however with the passage of time, has managed to open its market, with a cunning and effective maneuver, and diversify content to modernize and to reach out to a younger audience urban and modern. And RAF Simons has some of the “blame” no doubt.

This Spring-summer 2011 It was not going to be less and RAF Simons presents their new bets for the season, loaded with less color than usual and that on the other hand, has decided to innovate in the design and the logo of the firm. The result is a not very wide collection of 15 pieces in which we introduce such innovative elements as the zipper close top of pole or the t-shirt, leaving aside the typical triple breasted of the signature…

… or even the influence of the Eastern in shirts, with mao collars, multiple buttons that go down to the end and much more straight cuts and of which we are accustomed.

The colors are quite spring, with a style that still retains in the basic collection that opt for the purples, oranges, Greens and blues to complete the chromatic registration chosen for this spring-summer 2011. Undoubtedly one very experimental collection, vanguardisiticos designs and unusual but that remains to be seen receiving acceptance in the market.