PS Audio PerfectWave DAC D/A Converter

In the hearing test, audio PerfectWave DAC (3300 euros) offered a very grippy, powerful performance that impressed by clarity, pressure and tempo of PS.

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It is quite an understatement to describe audio PerfectWave DAC from the American specialist PS only as D/A converter. Given his talent a separate section in the list of rank and name could be for him smooth open: he has a very high quality, digitally controlled volume control, allowing direct connection to power amplifiers – to a full preamp only analog inputs lacks.

For that, he can to flirt at the digital level with pretty much everything, what has a corresponding output. This may be AES/EBU-, S/P-DIF- or USB signals be – of course the high resolution format with up to 32 bit / 192 kHz.

But this not enough: By inserting an optional, “the bridge” slot referred to allows the HP upgraded audio even to the network player. “The Bridge” will be available next year.

Engaged the PWD is also the topic of jitter: as well as Ayre is also PS audio of the opinion, which as closely as possible the system clock should be placed at the converter chip. And so that the jitterarm meet the data from the CD drive always “just in time” and thus, the PWD has a dedicated Inbox in the format “inter IC sound” (I ² s): the bi-directional interface transmits signal and clock pulses apart and also regulates the data supply from the drive – which however requires one transport (PWT) according to equipped disc leno as the in-house PerfectWave.

Per I ² S quasi “starr” the drive connected to the PWD do without sound-deteriorating resampling for removing jitter – specially he holds the native mode, in which the sampling rate is only determined by the source. Alternatively audio offers the HP but can, with up to 192 kilohertz discretion up or down sampling input signals. As a D/A converter chip it used the prestigious Wolfson WM 8742, which brings a sophisticated, fünfach selectable digital filter. This opens up more opportunities for the personal sound.

PS Audio: flexibility is its strength

All operations succeed this intuitive and direct access via the front touch panel – or from the listening position via the supplied infrared remote control, which can manage also the CD drive.

In addition to a strong dimensioned power supply, PS Audio PerfectWave DAC donated a fully discrete, very low impedance output stage in class-A circuit that drives also longest small signal cable and waive over all feedback as well as the Ayre.

In the listening test, the PWD was a very grippy, powerful performance that impressed by clarity, pressure and tempo. The sound profit of I was supplied with CD food from the PWT, s compared to the S/P-DIF sq-connection because too much to hear. However the recommended native mode does not automatically showed the best performance – CD, for example, the testers preferred light upsampling.

Only minimal Impregnated than about the coaxial S/P-DIF input, the music via USB interface, which however won with sound material in 24/96 format tarnished rang out. With 65 points, the tester rewarded the squeaky clean appearance of the PWD.

PS Audio-PWD

Manufacturer PS audio
Price €3300.00
Rating 65.0 points
Test procedure 1.0

Technical data and test results

Dimensions (W x H T) HöheTiefe 44.0 x 10.0 x 44.0 cm
Weight 8.0 kg
Digital volume control
Analog volume control
Remote control
Display sampling rate
Word width display
Digital effects loop
Maximum sampling rate RCA / AES 192
Maximum sampling rate optical 192
Maximum USB sample rate 96
USB asynchronous mode USB
Adjustable digital filter characteristics
Number filter options 5
Inputs CD player
Digital RCA 1
Digital BNC 0
Digital optical 1
Digital ST 0
Digital AES / EBU 1
Digital DSD
I2S 2
FireWire 0
Output D/A converter
RCA outputs 1
Outputs XLR stereo 1
Outputs headphone 6, 3 mm 0
Outputs headphone 3.5 mm 0
Digital output to RCA
Optical digital output
Digital output other:
Test result
Short conclusion Extremely versatile D / A-converter / preamplifier with lightning Resist sound and challenging technology, which can be upgraded to the network player.
Sound Absolute top class
Sound points
(maximum 70 points)
Sound points preamplifier
Measured values
(maximum 10 points)
(max. 15 points)
(maximum 10 points)
Overall rating
(max. 120
outstanding 93
Price / performance Very good
tested in issue: 2 / 10