Prowell F59R Vipor Cycle Helmet

If you take some time looking for a good helmet for cycling at a good price, this is your time to do it with the helmet cycling Prowell F59R Vipor F59R.
Those who already know me know my obsession to take maximum security measures when it comes to our favorite sport. Also know that this summer of 2015, my daughter tube on your mountain bike accident and if I had not taken the helmet, I don’t know how I would have finished the history, because it was a good couple of dents.
So if you do not have a helmet, or wish to have one booking at bargain prices, then this helmet cycling Prowell F59R Vipor F59R is what you need.
In my articles on how to choose bicycle helmets, I give you all the variables that you must take into account when choosing a bicycle helmet correctly.

Regarding the price, I think that this helmet complies with all requirements of quality and price that you may be required to perfectly good cycling helmets.

You can get this magnificent biking Prowell F59R Vipor F59R helmet for just 31,99 EUR, an unbeatable price which found it impossible to equal in price in any other technical online.

In relation to the views of people who have already acquired this helmet model, you can find an average of positive opinions of 4.3 star out of 5. 19 positive opinions which has together with its unbeatable price are all a bargain hard to find in price and quality.
Also by what is seen in the images and comments from customers accredited with images, also includes a light red with support that you can place both in town and in the frame of the bicycle to maximize your visibility on the road during the night, another very important safety point and by what I see every day not everyone takes into account.

Main characteristics

All helmets comply with safety standards for European safety standards CE EN1083.

Prowell Helmets offers a new and unique range of bicycle helmets with safety and design at a competitive price.

Helmets with increased technology that allows multiple typical impacts in the day to day.

Constructed with two outer layers and an interior with EPU foam.

We believe that our bicycle helmets are the safest that we can find in the market.

Constructed with EPU material used in the production process, frequently used in car bumpers. The vast majority of bicycle helmets on the market are made of EPS material, which is only thousands of polystyrene beads stuck together. Prowell Helmets offers the first and only range of dual-density helmets: the outer shell of the helmet has a more resistant density and distributes the impact over a wider area, while the softer inner layer absorbs shock energy.

Also buy the helmet lighting

A fantastic selection of bicycle helmet lights are offered at, which let us see in the tracks by the rest of vehicles.