Pro Pregnancy Is a Pregnancy Test That Can Connect to Your Mobile by Bluetooth

In these times in which increasingly have more dispositivos connected to your mobile phone, expected that any brand ventures to launch one as the Pregnancy of the American company Church & Dwight. It is exactly what leads us to understand the name, a pregnancy test that will connect to the phone via Bluetooth.

Belongs to the line of products for First Response pregnancy, and its objective is the offer to women to use it a personalized and anxiety-free experience, for what will be offering precise instructions, it will indicate if you are performing correctly and will try to do more unless the minutes it takes to know the result.

So interactive pregnancy test

The only thing that needs to be done to start the process give only the Pregnacy Pro button and sync with the mobile application. Starting from there will be this that will guide through the process explaining every step forward. Also informed of details such as the if it has detected well the urine sample, in ways that will be sure that the results are correct.

In the three minutes that it takes the test to be the app will show a countdown, and will make the wait more pleasant offering feeds of news or relaxing multimedia content. If the result is positive the application will provide a date approximate birth and a list of questions to the gynecologist. On the other hand, if it is negative advice will be offered to increase the chances of conceiving.

Church & Dwight has ensured that the implementation It will not collect any pregnant shorts, and that to increase the privacy will be delivered to the user custom code so that only she can access the results. As for the price, you can roam between 15 and 23 dollars depending on where it is purchased, because your website already offers a list of stores with stock.