Pro-Ject Box SE Power Amplifier Mono / Stereo Amp Box SE

Good, cheap amplifiers are rare. The Pro-Ject box SE monos, as a pair for just 730 euros, have thus not natural enemies.

The Monos had so boisterous torque in the bass, that even the large, sophisticated KEF reference 207 therefore seemed entirely agree. Sound exactly on the racing line between comfort and control, seemed as volunteered to move the mighty membranes by the compact amps under perfect denial of unquestionably necessary electrical work.

A Creek classic A53 (12/06) were the testers in the equipment rack. the British sound cultivated in the midrange and softer, the enthusiasm and dynamism of the Pro pieces but left Miss. The latter properties are near the top of the wish list, you can increase also unilaterally the excellent 85 points for the Monos to five.

All amp SE boxes can be remote detonate with the pre box SE by switching voltage. There is above nothing wrong, they so (other than 3 Watts in standby), behind or even in the speakers to place. Thermal problems are in concealed installation not to fear: the switching amplifier modules of the Dutch manufacturer of Hypex also reflect over 90% of the energy as power – much heat not remains there.

The stereo amp box SE has exactly the same 180-Watt module Mono sister, but in duplicate. Price-performance fans get for the same price so more material, only she HiFi system not necessarily brings it further. Because on the one hand, the amplifier Board, but not the power supply though doubled.

On the other hand the stereo amp box sounds either solo, as a quasi mono tandem (with each one unused channel) as well as the Monos. In direct comparison, the latter provides more cleanliness and detail. What should dissuade owners of bi-Amping capable boxes but not to try stereos with a couple. Whether the benefits of the Monos or the gains through separate amplification for bass and treble have more weight, depends on the load characteristics of the speaker.