Printed Pants Trend

The prints also invade our pants. For in fact, this spring-summer 2012, the best fashion brands have presented a trend that we should not underestimate, if we want to dress with style and fashion. The trend is that of the printed pants: green light for flowers, animal prints, but also lines and other reasons that make it livelier our look. Light colors, pastels or fluorescent shades, lit, up to you, the important thing will be to have in our wardrobe at least one pant declined according to this trend.

Just a few days ago we told you about another trend that concerned this item of clothing typical male widely present in the wardrobe of women in this hot season. The spring-summer 2012 will see the boom of pants rolled up , as we have shown recently many celebrities, who never miss out on the latest trends in fashion and style.

This style fits perfectly also another trend that concerns the pants, which will be invaded by all sorts of prints of each style.

For the most romantic advice floral prints, delicate maybe not too obvious or noisy, while for more casual look and street wear, better to opt for something a bit ‘more fluorescent, perhaps with neon colors or designs that do not go unnoticed. Not only flowers, but also drawings of all kinds, prints reminiscent of the mantle of the animals and more: In this white paper you absolutely!

Full Printed Jacket And Pants

The total print look is one of the trends this spring-summer 2012 we will not underestimate. Roccobarocco proposes a set of comprehensive, tailored in black and white or colorful shades, for intriguing and glamorous look.

Pants With Animal Print

Obviously the animal print could not miss even in this spring-summer 2012. We find in many items of clothing and accessories and the pants could not be exempt from this trend, as is being proposed by Roberto Cavalli, Tuscan fashion brand that loves this kind of details.

Pants With A Stripe Print

The lines are to look chic navy protagonists but not only, since this reason it was also presented in other outfits absolutely trendy. C’N’C Costume National, for example, offers us his maxi colored stripes, for oversized garments perfect for the warm season.