Pregnancy Ideal Weight Gain

Every pregnant woman has different characteristics that make it difficult to generalize in this sense, and factors such as age and exercise habits can make the figures of ideal weight gain during the pregnancy they are variable.

Therefore always be the specialist who will have the last word and he must go regularly to control the development of the baby and our State of health. But, taking into account that there are those individual peculiarities, generally how much it should raise weight pregnant women?

Ideal weight gain is between 9 and 12 kilos, an increase that preserves the health of the baby, enabling their adequate development, but also that of the mother, which if passed in kilos will be trickier to cope with pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum healthier.

Obviously, responsible for such weight gain won’t be exclusively baby, which usually weigh about 3 kg at term. To this we must add the weight of amniotic fluid, placenta, uterus, increasing blood volume of pregnant women, water retention & #8230;

Weight gain is not usually identical during each month of pregnancy. It is common that during the first quarter is it fattening little. Since it is more difficult to control weight gain at the end of pregnancy, and is also when you win more weight, it is easier to prevent an excessive increase during the first few months. In this way we offset the unstoppable flood of the end.

The important thing is to take care that during pregnancy wearing maternity sweatshirts from do not have excess weight, and we can do it thanks to a full and varied diet, along with the usual practice of a proper physical exercise.

In this way we will avoid complications from being overweight, such as high blood pressure, eclampsia, diabetes, growth of the baby in the womb, premature birth, major hemorrhages during childbirth & #8230;

Again will be our doctor or midwife who advise us about what is the best food and exercise for us, always avoiding homemade diets for weight loss. In this way we will achieve pregnancy ideal weight gain, would welcome it our body and our baby.