Pregnancy Calendar: Week 9 to Week 12

Continuing with our pregnancy calendar about How develops the baby week by week Since it is conceived, we come to the last weeks of the first quarter. We have seen in the two previous posts how has gone from being a set of cells to a tiny human being.

Week 9 of pregnancy

Although it costs believe it, in week 9 the embryo about 3 cm in length with just 7 weeks of life already has human aspect. Gone is the tail of the fish that was in the first weeks and if we could spy on him inside the belly we would appreciate how fingers of hands and feet are separating each other, just like the ears they take off head and how the eyelids cover eyes. Their external sex organs are already defined, although they can not yet see through an ultrasound. Also, the baby begins to move vigorously, although for now you can not feel it.

Week 10 of pregnancy

In week 10 of pregnancy (baby 8 weeks) the auditory pavilions of the baby are formed and soon you will begin to hear the sounds coming from the outside, including your voice. They begin to create small roots of which in the future will be the teeth and fingernails. His intestines are growing and rank, as well as the thyroid gland, the pancreas and gallbladder begins to prepare for his future role of digesting food once the baby is born and feed itself. The amazing thing is that at this point that perfect mechanism is given in a human being of just two months of life, 4 centimeters long and weighing 5 grams.

Week 11 of pregnancy

With maternity coats, starting from the week 11 It goes from being an embryo to officially become a fetus and risk of spontaneous abortion odds are significantly decreased, since the majority of the abnormality occur rarely after week 12. Anyway you should continue taking care of yourself and cuidando your baby the most harmful effects such as alcohol, tobacco, drugs, stress, poor nutrition, etc….

Although they are still flexible, our bones begin to solidify, the nerve endings begin to connect through electrical impulses and red blood cells begin to produce, also the urine. Your skin is still clear and your eyes begin to be located in the center of the face. By means of an apparatus of ultrasound (doppler) already can be heard with force the heartbeat.

Week 12 of pregnancy

In week 12 (10 baby) placenta works at full capacity to make you get baby the nutrients needed for growth. The main structures are already in operation, all its organs work although they have still enough to be fully developed. The size and weight of the baby at the end of this week is 6 cm and 10 grams. Half their size corresponds only to the head.

With regard to the mother, it is possible that notes that certain frequent discomforts like nausea, fatigue and dizziness begin to send. Surely, gain weight so far has not been significant, even there are women who, in the first months, lower weight due to nausea and vomiting. In the second and third trimester is when the kilos are won more quickly. However, at this point you will already notice that the uterus has grown enough and you will see that it looks an incipient tummy which becomes more noticeable late in the day.

The placenta has begun to produce a substance similar to melanin that produces a darkening in some parts of the body like the genitals, the areolas of the breasts and the alba line. Is very important that protegas your skin with a sun protection factor high to prevent the formation of stains on the surface of the skin, a condition called gravid Chloasma.

Probably in these weeks you go to the second antenatal visit, and certainly the first if you have not done so already. Your doctor will monitor your general condition, your blood pressure, weight and if you are already in week 12 is likely to measure through an ultrasound measurements translucency of the foetus which is usually performed between week 12 and week 15. It is a measurement of the thickness of the fold nuchal which serves as a marker to detect certain genetic disorders.

Anyway, we’ll talk in depth in this pregnancy calendar and in our special pregnancy on this and the rest of prenatal tests performed during pregnancy, why reason are made, when and what are their objectives.