Pregnancy Calendar: Week 5 to Week 8

Last the fourth week of the pregnancy calendar you will notice that your period should have come and has not done so. Maybe called implantation bleeding has occurred, but it tends to be less abundant than a menstruation. It is time for a test to confirm pregnancy or repeat if you’ve done too early with negative result.

The first thing you should do nothing but know that you are expecting a baby is make an appointment with your gynecologist with maternity clothing from If not do it yet, you should also start to eat a folic acid supplement as soon as possible, although the ideal is to take it from two months before you become pregnant, since when you find out you are pregnant you may be late to prevent problems because the neural tube is already forming.

It is possible that you have already begun to experience the first symptoms of pregnancy to a greater or lesser extent and you feel some of the typical hassles of weeks such as nausea, dizziness, swelling and tenderness in the breasts, tiredness and sleep.

Week 5 of pregnancy

In the week 5 of pregnancy the embryo is 3 weeks of life and its size is just over 1 mm. Although it has no human form begins to differentiate the head that is much larger than the rest of the body and start to form small protuberances that will then be the arms and legs.

As said before, the neural tube that connects the brain with the spinal cord closes and begins to form the heart since the 6th week begins pulsing spontaneously on a regular basis.

Week 6 of pregnancy

In week 6 of pregnancy the embryo measures between 2 and 4 mm, the size of a lentil and they begin to develop the optic vesicles on the sides of the head, which then form the eyes which will be located to the front. The bodies are in an early stage of development so it is very important that you not use any drug, alcohol or tobacco that could affect their development.

Week 7 of pregnancy

From the 7 week of pregnancy as you can see the embryo on ultrasound and hear his heart beat. Twice its size, achieved almost the cm long from head to tail has grown. This week has been already formed the umbilical cord that will pass the nutrients the baby throughout the pregnancy. The digestive and respiratory apparatus continue to develop. They begin to form the gallbladder, stomach, intestines, pancreas, and lungs.

Week 8 of pregnancy

To week 8 of pregnancy pregnancy changes are amazing. Its total size is between 1.4 and 2 cm, but they can already distinguish, eyes, eyelids, mouth, ears on the head and legs and arms jutting out from the trunk, as well as the fingers of the hands and feet can be recognized. Start to grow the vertebrae and ribs, and its skin is a thin translucent layer. In turn, organs such as the liver and the heart are perfecting its operation.

Fundamental is that in these weeks of the pregnancy calendar visit to the gynecologist to make through the first ultrasound confirm pregnancy in good condition, as well as the number of embryos that are being formed. It is a critical stage of gestation in which any alarm signal as if you suffer from bleeding or severe pain must discuss them with your health care provider because it might be an ectopic pregnancy, an anembrionario pregnancy or spontaneous abortion.

It will also ask you a full blood test to confirm group and factor, rule out HIV and know if you have antibodies to certain diseases like toxoplasmosis, rubella or hepatitis which can be harmful during pregnancy, or find out if you are a carrier of a genetic disease. It will also make you questions about your medical history and a history of disease in the family.

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