Pregnancy Calendar: Week 37 to 40 Week

Week to week and month to month, have come to the last month of pregnancy of the pregnancy calendar. At this point, we talked about a pregnancy to term as from 37 weeks the baby is ready to be born. Only 5% of babies are born in the estimated date of confinement, i.e., the day he met the 40 weeks. The vast majority is deliberately born between 37 weeks and 40. At any time, when the small option, you can begin the process that will trigger the labor and birth.

Now there’s nothing left to see the face to your baby, but watch out for the anxiety. If you’ve already waited nine months, lives the final weeks of your pregnancy calmly face to face with the best of attitudes the very important moment of giving birth.

As we have been doing throughout the pregnant, see how grow baby week by week during this last month within his mother’s womb wearing wrap dresses featured on Ejinhua.

Week 37 of pregnancy

On the week 37 of pregnancy (i.e., 35 weeks from the moment of conception) the small measures about 49 cm and his weight round the 3 kilos. It must be clarified that at this point the size of one baby with respect to another can have great variation since each child has their own pace of growth, both within and outside the uterus.

The baby is fully developed, so in these last few weeks will deal mainly with weight gain, and some do so with real momentum to increase about 350 grams per week.

Surely, the baby already ready birth placed head downward. In recent weeks the mother usually feel a pressure in the bones of the pelvis, produced by the weight of the baby. Also vaginal secretions are most abundant indicating the proximity of childbirth.

Lanugo, the fine coat of hair that covers his skin disappears almost completely. Some babies are born with some hair, especially on the back, arms and legs, but with the passage of the weeks it goes down only.

Week 38 of pregnancy

On the week 38 Dear baby measures are 50 centimetres and 3 200 kilos. Her hands can already grasp, in fact it already does with the umbilical cord that has been his toy in utero.

Little already has the head completely covered in hair. Some people are born with an abundant mane while others are born almost if I hair. In any way the color of hair, as well as the eye is still not definitive. The hair that are born usually fall over the first months of life, while the iris of his eyes, the part that gives color, has not accumulated the final pigment.

Their intestines have begun to produce meconium, the first stool that is normally eliminated by the baby after birth.

Its body is covered by an abundant yellowish substance called vernix caseosa, which can be obtained from sliding by birth canal at birth.

It is very likely that you have already begun the process of dilation of the cervix of the mother, even without having regular contractions. This is very common especially in mothers Primiparous Women, i.e. those who have already had a previous birth.

Week 39 of pregnancy

On the week 39 the baby measured 51 cm and 3,400 kilos. In the weekly review, the doctor will verify the position of the baby. If positioned buttocks it is possible for the doctor to try to turn the baby through external cephalic version, a maneuver is done to try to baby to change position to facilitate vaginal birth. The truth is that they few physicians who perform it and in most cases assumes that a breech presentation is a c-section safe. However, vaginal delivery is also viable.

Week 40 of pregnancy

On the week 40 the baby measured 52 centimeters from head to feet and weighs about 3,400 kilos. You will notice that their movements have decreased due to the limited space that has to move. Either way, he continues to do so and if you notice that it does not, you should immediately seek medical advice.

Have already met the 280 days of your pregnancy calendar. Your baby is ready to go to the world, however some organs as for example the brain will continue to develop creating millions of neural connections during the first years of life.

One of the typical concerns of pregnant women, mostly gilts, is to know how to recognize the time of delivery. There are several signs indicating the proximity of childbirth as feel contractions stronger and more regular, the expulsion of the mucous plug, that is not necessarily a sign of imminent labor but indicate that the neck has started to dilate. The process of childbirth can also begin with spontaneous bag break, but it does not happen in all cases.

The important thing is that you’re paying attention to the signals which gives you your body and your baby and understand that the process of birth is a physiological process for which women are perfectly scheduled.

If it has not happened before, surely this week comes as desired to know your baby. If you have still not decided still birth there are two weeks of margin for is born, since until 42 weeks is considered a term baby. The doctor will perform you frequent inspections to check the status of the baby until they decide to birth.

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