Pregnancy Calendar: Week 25 to 28 Week

As I mentioned in the previous post, we are now in the second half of pregnancy in which the baby develops rapidly. We continue then reviewing the pregnancy calendar week to week.

Their bodies are formed but continue his maturation perfected to operate by themselves when it is born. In the coming weeks the baby will gain layers of fat which will give you a more coated appearance.

These weeks we walked the sixth month of pregnancy and as we usually do, continue with the review of baby growth week by week.

Week 25 of pregnancy

On the week 25 pregnancy the baby has 23 weeks of life, measures about 25 centimeters from the head to the buttocks, about 32 centimetres at the top of the feet, and weighs around 700 grams. Check for maternity bikinis.

Your skin is wrinkled, but as you grow will become smooth and soft. It is covered by a waxy substance called vernix, which prevents this cracking. Small teeth are located in position under the gums, although still missing several months to see the first sprout. His head is covered with hair color and texture, but neither one nor the other will be the definitive.

At this point you may have noticed that the baby has rest periods and periods of activity in which you can feel their movements, stretching and kicks.

Week 26 of pregnancy

On the week 26 It measures 34 cm until the heels and weighs 800 grams. Your ears will refine, so it reacts more consciously to the sounds that come from the outside, and especially to your voice.

His eyes are opened and closed intermittently, baby practice blinking reflex, and reacts to the light stimuli, as well as the sensory stimuli when you caress your belly.

If it still does not fit oxygen in their small lungs because their medium is liquid, baby carries out daily breathing exercises.

As you gain weight, your body accumulates fat layers that help to regulate the body temperature outside the mother’s womb.

Week 27 of pregnancy

On the week 27 (25 weeks of fetal life) almost all ocular structures are finished, although it is not yet able to see clearly, the development of the visual area of the brain allows you to distinguish light and shadow.

Its size is 36 cm from head to feet and weighs about one kilogram. It has a similar appearance to will have at birth, but thinner. Now your skin begins to thicken and gradually become smoother.

Now you can clearly notice the baby’s movements and also you can feel a kind of very characteristic rhythmic jumps when the baby has hiccups. It occurs due to the contraction of the diaphragm and although it can last for several seconds, the fetal hiccups does not harm the baby but on the contrary, is a sign of good health.

Week 28 of pregnancy

On the week 28 the development of his lungs has great prominence. They started to produce a substance called surfactant essential to breathing outside the womb that prevents the alveoli from adhering together. Similarly, the lungs are filled with blood vessels that will circulate the blood oxygen throughout your body and the bronchial tubes continue to divide.

At the end of this week, with 38 cm long and weighing in at something more than one kilo occupies almost all of the space inside the womb.

There are still twelve weeks of the pregnancy calendar ahead, fundamental for the baby complete their maturation, however if he was born now would have high odds of survival.

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