Pregnancy Calendar: Week 17 to 20 Week

As we mentioned in the previous post, from the 14 week already have entered into the second trimester of pregnancy. We then continue with our pregnancy calendar week to week.

It is the quarter that more mother enjoys as they have almost disappeared discomfort for the first few weeks and the weight of the baby yet not uncomfortable in daily tasks.

At this stage in pregnancy physical changes of the mother are evident. Gut already has a considerable size and it is possible that you have increased between 4 and 6 kg to the weight you had before is pregnant. Your posture has changed to counter the additional weight of the gut. It is possible you not notice it, but it is a change for which the women’s body is programmed by maternity coats of

We are going to review of how baby grows week by week.

In the week 17 of pregnancy, i.e. at 15 weeks of life, the baby measured one 13 cm head to the buttocks and his weight of almost 200 grams. Their movements are increasingly notorious, it takes the fingers to the mouth, moving arms and legs, he makes funny faces and swallows amniotic fluid to begin to train the digestive system.

The umbilical cord that connects to the baby with her mother for carrying nutrients and oxygen continues to grow and widen. Your nails are a thin transparent films and the hair of the head and eyebrows is becoming thicker.

It is about the week 18 When the mother begins to feel the movements of the baby in the uterus. What until now was just a bubbling sensation becomes certain that the baby moves. But it is not a mathematical rule, it can be that some women begin to notice it a little earlier, especially if they have had previous pregnancies, and others, a few weeks later.

The baby begins to move enough since it is still tiny and has space for camping at ease, even turning on itself. Its skeleton, which until now was cartilaginous, begins to solidify, so it is very important that you include in your diet food rich in calcium.

In the week 19 (17 baby) It measures about 15 cm and weighs about 250 grams. Ears and eyes already are almost placed in its final position. It’s something amazing, but if you’re expecting a girl, their small ovaries that won’t have more size of a button already contain primitive egg which give origin to the eggs.

The sense of hearing is already developed and so you can hear the sounds produced by your body as the stomach to digest food, the beating of your heart and of course, your voice, which already distinguishes from others through amniotic fluid.

In the week 20 16 centimeters and about 350 grams. Their lungs begin to practice the exercise of breath and your digestive system does the same by swallowing amniotic fluid. Your brain has 30,000 millions of neurons and developing areas destined to the senses of taste, smell, hearing, vision and touch. The baby’s skin begins to be coated in a white, fatty substance called “vernix caseosa” which as well as protecting it facilitates the passage of the baby through the vaginal canal to the time of delivery.

So far, the size of the baby was measured from head to rump legs were very attached to his body, but from now on, measurements are made from Crown to toe. Thus, at 20 weeks the baby measured between 22 and 25 centimetres.

Surely, the week between 18 and 22 will conduct you a high-resolution ultrasound called morphological ultrasound in which the specialist look at baby organs to detect possible anomalies.

We have arrived at the 20th week of the pregnancy calendar, in other words, exactly a half of pregnancy, the equator of the gestation. During the second half of the pregnancy the baby will increase 10 times its weight and doubled its size.