Pregnancy Calendar: Week 13 to Week 16

We continue with the pregnancy calendar with a description of how the baby inside the womb of the mother will develop week.

This period is very important as the baby begins to grow and gain weight rapidly. In addition, although the little guy not knowing they are key weeks thus they set the pace of the first quarter to the second trimester of pregnancy.

As I have mentioned in the previous post, in week 12 the risk of causing a miscarriage is greatly reduced since the primary structures and organs of the baby are formed; at this point in the pregnancy abnormalities are rare.

In the week 13 pregnancy the baby already has 11 weeks of life, measures about 7 cm and weighs about 20 grams. It already has a bone structure and although it seems lie his hands already have their 27 small bones.

His eyes are approaching its final position in the midline of the face, as in the ears are placed in place and the thin eyelids, which are glued, cover your eyes.

The Middle intestine, which until now was outside the body of the baby, is located within the abdomen, while the abdominal wall closes having already formed navel by where it enters the umbilical cord.

In the week 14 pregnancy already have left behind the first 12 weeks of gestation, i.e. the first quarter, and We are entering the second quarter that covers up to week 26.

This week the baby aspect is identical to a newborn baby, but in size thumbnail. It measures about 10 centimeters and weighs 30 grams. Already moves head from one side to the other and your body begins to grow more provided, the head does not occupy two-thirds of its size as before. They begin to form the fingerprints on the fingertips and your kidneys work producing urine.

In the Week 15 his skin is covered by a thin layer of hair called lanugo which will disappear almost entirely after the birth, also his head begins to cover hair.

Your legs and arms are still growing and already you can make broad movements within the SAC of amniotic fluid, although they are not yet as strong as so that the mother can feel them through the walls of the uterus.

The baby begins to develop the sense of taste and therein has much that see what you eat since the different flavors come through the amniotic fluid. Some studies have shown that babies feel preference for certain foods even before birth. It is known that they choose for sweet tastes, so the baby move more when we eat some very sweet food such as chocolate or candy.

In the week 16 their sexual organs already can see clearly through an ultrasound, so if you stop to see “their parts” you can find out if it is boy or girl, although in high resolution around the 20 week ultrasound when tend to confirm it.

The baby, with 14 weeks of life, measures about 12 cm and weighs only between 100 and 150 grams, you could fit in the Palm of the hand. It begins to disappear nuchal measurements and your head starts to be more straight and not so supported on the torso.

Already is a small human being that can move, react to light, begins to distinguish flavors and develop the smell, like that can hear you and reacts before the tactile stimulation, so you can begin to communicate with your baby through touch and voice.

Starting this week, some mothers may begin to feel the baby’s movements, but still kicks can not be called. It is a slight “mariposeo” or bubbling in the lower abdomen that you will notice if you pay close attention, especially if tombs you upside down. Women who are not new, is that they have had previous pregnancies, may begin to notice it earlier.

With respect to the breast, second quarter that begins in these weeks is that more mother enjoy. In general, the discomforts of the first weeks have disappeared or at least have fallen enough. From now on, the belly will begin to grow rapidly and also during this quarter, you will begin to feel your baby moving inside you.

The pregnancy calendar It is advancing. This is a stage of pregnancy in which extra weight is not excessive, enabling mother to conduct all kinds of activities, they have also passed the fears of weeks and the frenetic action of hormones in the first weeks has calmed down a bit. It is an ideal time to enjoy the pregnancy to the fullest, you will probably say that you’re very pretty because at this point it is said that you pregnant them are blessed with the “pregnancy glow”.

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