Pregnancy Calendar: Week 0 Week 4

With this comenzarmos our special post Pregnancy calendar baby and mas. the weeks of pregnancy start counting from the day of the last menstrual period.

I.e., that in regular cycles, approximately two weeks after menstruation will be ovulation and fertilization in the case of achieving pregnancy.

As it is very difficult to determine the exact date of conception, a certain date, the date of the last menstruation, is taken as a reference and from there there are 40 weeks until delivery, or 38 weeks from the day of conception with maternity coats.

Week 2 of pregnancy

Then, the pregnancy itself begins in week 2 When the sperm enters the egg forming the Zygote which includes the DNA of both parents, a genetic combination that will lead to a unique being.

30 hours after fertilization the Zygote begins his amazing cellular multiplication. It is divided into two, then four, eight, etc. to form an embryo that between the 4th and 7th day after fertilization is implanted into the womb. Depending on if an egg has been fertilized, two or more will be born twins and if the Zygote place two or more embryos will be born twins.

Occurs when the implementation, the Agency sends chemical signals to prevent menstruation from occurring. Sometimes, to be implanted the embryo in the uterus erodes the endometrial tissue producing a slight bleeding that can be confused with menstruation called implantation bleeding.

Week 3 of pregnancy

A 3 week of pregnancy, the embryo has 2 weeks of age. You do not have a human appearance, but you notice two protrusions that form the body and the baby’s head. The embryo at this stage is composed of three layers which give origin to the different tissues and organs of the body.

The ectoderm (outer) will lead to the formation of the nervous system.

The neural tube (brain, spinal cord, motor nerve), neural crest (sensory ganglia and nerves, marrow adremal, sympathetic ganglia, skull, Gill arches) and other structures derived from it such as hair, nails, epiteliares glands, the lining of the mouth, tooth enamel, the inner ear and nose and olfactory epithelium.

The mesoderm (the cover average) will be the form the majority of internal organs as well as the reproductive organs and the circulatory system, the bones, muscles and cartilages.

The endoderm (inner cover) will lead to respiratory and the digestive system.

In these first two weeks of pregnancy begins to form the neural tube and spinal cord belongs to the central nervous system of the baby. To prevent defects at this stage it is very important that you take a folic acid supplement. But as even you will not know that you are pregnant, it is recommended taking it from the moment in which it is planned to conceive so that the organism has a reserve of this essential vitamin B complex that prevents damage to the closure of the neural tube of.

Week 4 of pregnancy

In the 4th week is formed the placenta , It shall be responsible for transmitting nutrients and oxygen to the baby throughout the pregnancy. In this first phase, this function is carried out by the yolk sac, an embryo attachment without which the embryo would not survive.

The placenta produces a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin, the hormone of pregnancy, which in turn produces an increase in the levels of estrogen and progesterone. Two hormones have a very important role in this first stage of gestation, she is responsible, inter alia, that the uterus keep lining for the embryo.

Similarly, begins to form the amniotic sac, the liquid medium in which the baby will live the next 9 months.

You can at the end of this week already sense you’re pregnant. It will coincide with the date in which the rule should get, but you have to wait at least until the first day of delay in the rule to get a pregnancy test. You can still test comes out negative since pregnancy (HCG) hormone levels have not yet been detected, so it is recommended to wait two or three days to repeat it.

As you can see in the Pregnancy calendar It has put into operation a perfect machinery which will lead to a new life. The process that is taking place within you is absolutely amazing. Regarding you you will have to begin to care for you more than necessary so your baby grow healthy. You will find in this blog how influences feeding, care and mood of the mother in the unborn baby.