Pregnancy Calendar: 21 Week to Week 24

We have reached the point of the pregnancy calendar in which we leave behind the 20 weeks of pregnancy. In other words, the first half of pregnancy. Ahead the second part of the pregnancy you will end up with the desired time of knowing the face of your baby.

In the coming weeks the baby will grow approximately twice his size and will increase ten times its weight. Let’s do a review of this fifth month of pregnancy week by week.

Week 21 of pregnancy

In the Week 21 of pregnancy (week 19 from push up sports bra at baby measures about 25 centimeters from head to feet and weighs about 350 grams. The activity of the small inside the uterus is intense and so noted it. The baby moves more or less 50 times per hour. At the moment, has enough space for all kinds of movements, stretches and twists so you will feel its vigorous kicks throughout the day, especially when you hang you to rest.

It seems incredible, but to counteract the activity hours baby also sleep in utero, adopting very peculiar positions, with his hands on his chin, sucking her finger, with the Chin on the chest…

At this point, the heartbeat of the baby are very strong and can easily be heard through a stethoscope when previously used a device called a doppler.

Week 22 of pregnancy

In the week 22 of pregnancy You can see eyelids, nails and eyebrows, although the latter still do not have color, are white. It measures about 27 centimeters and weighs almost 500 grams, although their body fat is only 1%. From now on you will gain fat layers that help to regulate your body temperature.

His brain, in continuous development, experience around this week great progress in the limbic system, the midbrain, which manages physiological responses to responses emotions. It is very important (and recommended) to establish contact with the baby since it is in the belly, as you can see it is able to process the stimuli received from abroad and even suffer mood changes.

Week 23 of pregnancy

In the week 23 of pregnancy his eyes are completing their development, although they do not yet have the color that will be born as the iris is not pigmented. Anyway, up to six months and even the first year of life your eyes will not have the final color.

It measures about 28 centimeters from head to toes (21 centimetres from head to the buttocks) and weighs little more than half a kilo. Digestive, circulatory and respiratory systems continue to develop. He swallows amniotic fluid from the placenta to exercise the digestive system while the lungs tested breathing movements, although until the moment of birth the oxygen you need to live is provided through the umbilical cord that connects you with your mother.

Week 24 of pregnancy

In the week 24 of pregnancy the baby reaches about 30 cm from head to feet (about 23 centimeters from head to the buttocks) and 7 cm legs and weighs around 650 grams.

It is a small human being, your body is already provided and begins to accumulate fat. Their bodies are still perfecting until the moment of birth. Your pancreas has begun to produce insulin, a hormone that regulates the incorporation of glucose from food.

It is approximately at 24 weeks when baby’s retinal development is complete and can open and close my eyes intermittently. From now on you will practise the reflex of blinking that will allow you to protect your eyes during their lifetime. Their brain development occurs rapidly, their brain waves are similar to the of a newborn baby and the development of its middle ear, which regulates balance, allows you to differentiate changes of position in utero.

From within the belly can hear everything that happens to your around. May you be scared with loud noises or that it reacts with movements when talk you or sing her a song.

With regard to the mother, it will have begun the stage of planning the arrival of the baby. You will want to have everything ready when you arrive, but care is very well wanting to receive big but it is not good to obsess.

If you haven’t done it you before, in these weeks will surely make you a high-resolution ultrasound, a morphological ultrasound where they study the bodies of the baby and the volume of amniotic fluid to check that goes well and discard any possible problem.

In week 24 of the pregnancy calendar is also an analytical study sugar curve to detect a possible gestational diabetes through the O´Sullivan Test or the gestational diabetes Test.