Pregnancy: a Perfect Time to Quit Smoking

We know that smoking is a toxic habit for our organism and although no time is bad to say goodbye definitely, pregnancy is an ideal time to quit smoking, because a number of factors come together in this biological stage that can help remove the cigarette from our lives.

The pregnancy is an ideal time for quit smoking because:

  • The nausea and vomiting that they may experience women in pregnancy, especially in the first weeks of pregnancy, help that not both want the cigarette as before, which facilitates its abandonment.
  • The increased concern for the health and aesthetics which tend to have women in this biological stage summed up motives and desires to quit smoking, because smoking has numerous aesthetic effects.
  • The acidity it becomes more frequent in pregnancy and since smoking aggravates it, it can be one Foundation more to set it aside and relieve discomfort of this moment. Check out for maternity bags.
  • Every pregnant woman wants to take care of the baby in development and given that passive smoking also affects it, It is easier to avoid being around people who smoke, which reduces the odds of tempt us with cigarette.
  • All will be willing to help quit smoking in this biological stage, because the reasons are many and involve not only the mother but also for pregnancy and baby health.

For all these reasons pregnancy is an ideal time to quit smoking, and even more so if you think about how much you can earn on health, not only in this biological stage and for your future baby, but more forward in your life and that of the rest of your family.