Practical Test: The iPad as an E-book Reader

With its own E-book store and versatile reader apps iPad offers an unrivalled selection of digital content.

When deciding for a digital reader that demand read is the far more important feature than about the hardware equipment. Because not every E-book can be read on any E-book reader, and not every reader offers the best selection of content – proprietary formats and different copy protections brake the flexibility of digital reading.

Amazon is trapped; for example, in the ecosystem of Kindle store and Kindle reader After all, can be used in the Kindle store purchased E-books with the free Kindle app on Smartphones and Tablet PCs.

Auch Apple permeates his own thing with the E-reading and makes perfect with a proprietary copy-protection formats chaos. The EPUB format, which topped with a few hundred kilobytes only minimal disk space is in this country, the most common and compatible with the most of all readers.

So Apple opts for EPUB, it provides FairPlay DRM however with an own copy protection, called. That makes it impossible to represent in the Apple’s own iBook store purchased E-books to other readers, as well reasoned EPUB books on the iPad can be read with the Adobe copy protection common in Germany.

Who can’t find anything in the iBook store or purchased E-books on the pad would like to use, can read and sync away only copy-protection free Epubs and PDF documents via iTunes from the start. But as so often in the world of Apple apps make the difference: so come around with the free app txtr also Adobe DRM Epubs on the iPad. Some publishers offer their own media apps for the electronic editions of newspapers and magazines in the app store in addition to E-books.

When a subscription the contents are pushed unsolicited iPad on that, a principle that the Kindle reader has done. Basically electronic periodicals in the EPUB or PDF format and are thus largely independent of the reader.

The bottom line, offers the widest range of reading iPad iBooks and app store and holds the own library via iTunes sync always at hand, even if E-books for space reasons must be temporarily deleted from the device. Also the read settings with marking and note function, full-text search, bookmarks and font – like brightness adjustment of the Finest. However longer read tiring on the TFT-screen especially when image-poor novels for the eyes, is impossible with the Sun at your back.

The iPad comes into its own with the integration of multimedia content and interactive applications in magazines and is thus more of a reader of news magazines and comics because, for page-strong novels.