Practical Test: Simvalley XT-520 Sun

Pearl offers an outdoor mobile with stoically for 70 euros.

The Simvalley XT-520 Sun is certified according to IP 65 standard, protected against the ingress of dust and withstands a jet of water. With the enclosed rubber cover, which also gives grip the XT-520, the cell phone to survive falls from a height of two metres.

In the test, the device with the battery screwed cover actually makes a robust impression. The keys are dropped significantly from each other, but not particularly large; the mobile phone can be hardly operate with gloves.

The equipment is simple: an FM radio and two LEDs, which make the flashlight with the mobile phone if required, are the highlights. It offers an alarm clock, as well as two games. Otherwise you can’t make calls and send SMS.

Such as an Internet browser or E-Mail client, completely missing data features. The mobile phone as a dual-band device for the United States is also suitable for use. The display is neither particularly large nor it offers a high resolution.

During the phone call that sounds somewhat tinny XT-520 Sun, also it could be like to somewhat louder for an outdoor phone. As a special extra, a solar panel, the battery on the go recharge allows you to by sunlight can be found on the back

The phone measures 115 x 53 x 21 mm, and weighs 106 grams. Who searches for a simple phone to make calls that sometimes can withstand a somewhat tougher ride to the sample as a secondary device, and it wants to spend not much money, is right here.

When the catalogers Pearl now is for around 70 euros to have.