Practical Test: LG Optimus 7

Successful Windows phone debut: the Optimus 7 is one of the smartest Smartphones that LG has ever presented.

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Because the Koreans built their powerful in this stuff: often we had as a sleek smartphone from LG on the test table. During its first model wanted to have obviously no slouch LG with new Microsoft smartphone operating system Windows phone 7. The Optimus 7 is fed up with 157 grams. The battery cover brushed gray metal gives elegance and a solid backbone of the device, because he fits like a glove.

A recess frees up the camera in the housing, which serves a LED flash replacement. Also this part is chic design, the lens but not protected, but counter-sunk into the housing, so that scratches should be a non-issue.

The other case is in Matt Black, that is largely immune to finger fat, the restriction on the most essential buttons on top of that only minimally protruding through the case, reinforce the compact, robust impression: right camera button, volume button, left and above the button to turn on and enable the backlight.

Below the display you will find then the three mandatory Windows phone keys in a continuous strip. Also these pushers are safe to use due to clear pressure point. They are not noticeably separated posed no problem during the operation in the test. The dimensions are 125 x 60 x 12 mm.

The display is enough to represent brilliant and small fonts photos sharp 480 x 800 pixels -. The individual pixels are different than Hinsehen when the iPhone 4 at all and the colors not quite as bright as at OLED-displays, as she installed Samsung still to recognize. However, the display is also pleasing big with their good contrast absolutely on the amount of time and with a diagonal of 3.7 inches.

The test unit is branded for Vodafone, the user interface accordingly dominated the typical red. The surface can be but here as for all smartphones with Windows phone 7 adapted the own ideas.

That Microsoft makes the manufacturers specifications for processors of used, seems to do well the Optimus 7: liquid, it reacts, the animated surface can be controlled controlled.

Well 14 GB of free space on board, however lacks a slot for additional memory cards also here how up to date with all Windows phone 7 devices. It still accommodates a lush collection of music, who wants to have however also still a good selection of movies here, is quickly the limits of memory.

Alternatively, 7 stream can be on YouTube videos on the Optimus. The necessary application is free and installs in just a few minutes from the marketplace, Microsoft’s online shop for applications. Which is of course still not so bulging like about Apple’s AppStore or the Android market at the moment. A good selection of practical tools can be found here but already.

Nevertheless, one must live Windows phone with a at the moment still with some limitations. So there is no navigation software at the moment, the data synchronization with Outlook is not possible and also the tethering, so use your phone as an Internet modem for the laptop, is not supported. This can be possibly with updates do not resolve, the missing memory card slot, however.

A GPS receiver can be found in addition to HSPA and Wi-Fi for high speed Internet access. The test was seconds determined the exact position in densely built-up urban area in a few.

A map application was installed on the test device, a software to navigate was missing. For Microsoft’s Office suite to create and edit notes, Word, and Excel files can be found. About the Microsoft SharePoint service, you can manage documents online and share with others.

LG has also installed an own augmented reality application. ScanSearch says the program, which activates the camera automatically at startup. To set these sky, a weather forecast for the current location is shown on the display. It scans the environment, the application displays surrounding restaurants and hotels. Click on a restaurant provides the address, phone number and the distance on the screen.

The camera can be used also for the photography and filming. The nominal resolution is 5 mega pixels, a small LED brings a little light in the dark, enough but hardly more than one to two meters. The auto focus is controlled by the two-stage shutter button. The camera delivers decent shots, however, is dependent on good lighting conditions.

It shoots video in HD resolution at 24 frames per second. The operation works intuitively, who wants to experiment with the settings however, must deal with a few inconsistencies. So there is the point about “beauty photo” with a stepless regulator, the functioning not very apparent.

On the phone like the Optimus 7 with natural sound and powerful speaker, to the ear as well as in hands-free mode. The Optimus is a successful Windows phone and one of the most stylish models we’ve seen ever from LG. This applies also here: those who now choose a Windows phone, must live (yet) with some restrictions.