Practical Bread Tray

Large Antler Fruit Serving Platter Retro Style Resin Artwork Table Decoration Round Metallic Tinplate Platter Rustic Appearance Retro Bus Design Serving Tray

On this page you will find bread trays in all its forms, from classical, plaited bread baskets for bread trays made of cloth and with practical storage options. We dealer brands such as Stelton, Trip-Trap and Rig-Tig, and whether you are into modern design or the classic version of the bread tray, then offer our wide selection of guarantee a version of bread tray to suit you!

The practical bread bag in fabric from Stelton ensures that there will be no crumbs on the table, and can even be used to store the bread. Stelton has also designed some beautiful bread trays, which combines steel and fabric, as we also dealership here on the page.

A delicious bread tray can be used to serve bread to all meals, whether it is morning, noon or evening, and a classic braided never goes out of fashion model! The models in the fabric can be washed when they need it, and give your board a modern appearance.