Polarized Lenses-Best Vision

Versatile Sunglasses For Driving, Sunglasses And Many Other Applications

Skiers, riders and water sports enthusiasts are their biggest buyers. However, these lenses are also excellent for virtually anyone who wears glasses: lenses with polarizing effects

These special lenses avoid reflections of light and mirror images created, for example, by the sun’s rays reaching wet floors, water or metal surfaces. As a result, they protect users from eye fatigue as they no longer need to adjust to constant changes in light conditions.People who wear these lenses tend to be much more relaxed and feel better about wearing glasses.

How Does The Principle Of Polarization Work?

First and foremost, natural light is a non-polarized light that vibrates in all directions. However, whenever a ray of light strikes a smooth surface, that is, when the sun encounters a wet road, the light is partially reflected by the water and oriented in one direction. In other words, it is polarized.

The glare creates an unpleasant blinding effect due to polarized light-a safety hazard not suffered by people wearing polarizing filters. The polarizer filter is installed horizontally and does not allow the reflected light and vertically directed light to penetrate through it. Consequently, the threatening reflections sometimes emitted by water surfaces and wet streets are almost completely eliminated. SkyPol polarized lenses offer an extra bonus: 100% UV protection!

Polarized lenses make you safer, and also offer some important visual benefits: thanks to the special color of the glass, they offer a view with substantially larger contrasts and brighter colors. Speaking in color: ZEISS polarized glasses come in a gray or brown tint.