Plaid Skirt Plus Size

It is the astronomical Herbstanfnag and I thrive on formally. It is mildly cool, I have my good feel phase and even if must – go’s morning times fast it all feels great!

Today’s outfit I’ve been cleaning out of course me, because I had the necessary time. If I want to apply my lipstick accurately, then it takes already rather.. ūüôā


What I’m wearing today: a very wide, transparent black blouse, a short from skirt with Plaid print and a shorter jacket made of linen. I had the shoes for the fashion show by Sheego in Berlin (for a picture *click here* – with Fluvia Lacerda) bought, but today they are among my favorites.


The highlight of today is definitely the Red bag of Armani Jeans. I like it very much so I have directly three various of them. My first ‘expensive’ bags were just when I started to work ūüėČ

My glasses are a simple, yet timeless model of Ray ban. Not often seen me in glasses, but actually I love to wear them, I very like glasses. The glasses go with my plaid skirt very well.

Actually I don’t need, but I faked just a bit geflunkelt and a slight visual impairment in my teenage years, so my parents buy me a pair of glasses. From my pocket money I could have bought any me, but with a prescription… the situation was clear: my parents had to buy me a pair of glasses ūüėÄ

My mom of course knew that the sudden low vision, certainly so soon after my window glass glasses begging stages, true is ūüėČ but from then I started on glasses to collect. I very like them until today! And I wear all glasses that I call my own so far. Here, for example my first model.


The movable lid is painted in Brown Smokey eyes, for this I have used only matte eyeshadow by INGLOT.

On the lower Lashline and in the water line I used a dark green liner from RELANONIAN, the I and turned tail on the outside in an eyeliner. This is actually quite simple, since the liner is very soft and completely fix can be created a refined work of art brush from a normal stroke with an eyeliner.

I have the face easily modeled: something modelierendes powder by INGLOT (my cool bronzer replacement) under the cheek bones and the plum-colored blush by CHANEL on top of it.

I’m wearing one of my favorite shades of red on the lips: MAC Russian Red. For my 24th birthday, I was with my friend in Munich. There I have Beautyrella advise me what red it could be for me. Finally, it is important that the colors that I wear on my face, fit to my skin tone. Beautyrella has me Russian Red recommended, and directly to the matching lip liner (brick) and the lip moisturizer for clean lips (I use nothing else – no Chapstick, not Blistex, nada).

So a small tip from me, because it will be colder now the lip Moisturizerist and then, as some of us have problems with skin and hair – this is perfectly normal. If you are concerned, I can only recommend you to switch to the maintenance (the creams can be again somewhat intense and rich) and directly begin, to prevent unpleasant dry spells.

Enough way! If you have any questions or would like to be something going on, I look forward to a comment or an email from you!

Dearest greetings,