Pinterest Fashion Trends

In need of inspiration mode? This is a non-exhaustive list of accounts Pinterest who “pinent” of fashion, just for the pleasure of the eyes.

Not on Pinterest yet? And then what is expected, hop hop hop! Flo explain everything-kesse-kil-fo-do here: Pinterest, operating instructions. And if you’re interested in fashion, I’ll give you a few leads to follow immediately.

The personal Pinterest

P.S. – I made this…

Erica blogger sharing his pinterest its DIY; How do his own slippers ‘ Kitty Flats ‘ of Charlotte Olympia, the Claudine collar lace inspired parade spring summer 2012 Louis Vuitton, there’s a wealth of activities for your weekends (and incidentally, she’s very beautiful boards trends).

Stripes and Sequins

Grace Atwood is a fan of marinières and sequins as Blogger suggests his Pinterest. There you will therefore find tons and tons of jewelry, glitter and scratches, normal. But as Erica, is also passionate about DIY, what she class between “those she did” and “to do” – here too, good ideas to steal.

eat. sleep. wear.

Kimberly is an another blogger who revisits ‘eat. pray. love.” in his own way. His Pinterest is full of enough interesting streetstyles divided between those magazines or personalities of the fashion and the looks of unknown girls ‘Personal Style’ in ‘Fashion ‘. Also, in his ‘Four eyes’ board, she is fixated on the girls stylish glasses.

Style Me Pretty

For those who dream of meringue, Garter and cake, Style Me Pretty is the perfect Pinterest to find ideas for her wedding and especially to peel a lot of wedding dresses to checker what we absolutely want and what we can scratch live.

Nina Garcia

Fan of parades? Don’t miss anything of the trends from the catwalks, Nina Garcia classifies all season after season, by color, theme and material. And there is plenty to do (she created 89 boards)!

{this is glamorous} *.

The boards of This is glamorous bathe in an ultra-soft and female atmosphere. You can draw some ideas here and there in the “buns”, “ponytails” boards that capture the most beautiful hairstyles of the fashion shows and in magazines. And a walk in ‘shoes shoes shoes’, ‘fashion’ and ‘sequins’ to give love to your eyes. Guaranteed beautiful things.

Emilie downs

I am a vile opportunist (go to confession). I also want to promote my own Pinterest which is still at the stage of a Togepi but that grows day by day. There is in bulk a DIY section, lingerie with “small below…» “, objects of sights, beautiful obsessed with red hair and a final on the Pastel trend which will open a series of boards on the different trends spring summer 2012.

The magazines brands Pinterest


For of a glance, a single, identify all the beautiful objects, jewelry and clothing for sale on Etsy. Practice. And even if it is not to buy it is always nice to repin-ner.

Refinery 29

The Pinterest account of the great web-magazine US Refinery 29, which is always full of awesome streetstyles and nail-art original. To follow.

Bauble Bar

As its name suggests, Bauble Bar is dedicated to jewelry. Brand took the opportunity to provide a giant showcase for its products but also focus on the Fashion Week jewelry.

Our site

Well well Yes, of course! The Our site Pinterest is fresh but we take shifts to fill with the most beautiful images of the different sections of the magazine. You can find in a single glance all streetstyles videos (and soon those pictures) and all our subliiiimes (nothing that Yes, yes) editing fashion/beauty created by Annelise and myself.