Different Types of Petticoats

His popularity was born in the 40s and remained immovable for decades. After hiding for a time, the petticoat returns with force to lingerie drawers.

Types of Petticoats

The petticoat is a piece of lingerie that is used under clothing but about underwear. We could say that it is an intermediary that is designed to protect your skin from cold, heat, the rubbing of rough genres such as wool and, to avoid the above exposure when your dress have transparencies. You can also hide lines of panties under tight skirts and prevent skirt moving over your body.

It is extremely light, subtle piece and in female end that slowly turns into a basic of the lingerie.

Different models of petticoat

Just as there are different models of bras and different models of panties, petticoats also have variety and it is good to know its features to define what is appropriate for you.

Average petticoat – one of the two large groups which divide underskirt is “half petticoat”. This model is so called because it only covers half of the body from the waist down.

The half slip or half lining – also known as – fits at the waist by means of an elastic band that fits most sizes and extends, in general, to the height of the knees. You can also find slips a little shorter and a little longer.

Shopping tip: remember to choose a slightly shorter petticoat (at least an inch) than the skirt that you’ll put on it. Also keep in mind that you can adjust the length using the petticoat more above or below the waist, thanks to the elastic band.

Average petticoat with flight – a variable of half petticoat which is extremely fun. Half petticoat with flight is used to give volume to a skirt or short dress and is particularly suitable for certain outfits in vintage style.

Like half simple petticoat, this half lining with flight have a rubber band that adjusts to waist and several layers of fabric structured but light (almost always used the tulle) that shape the skirt.

Tip for use: This type of petticoat will look more and better with skirts made with greater amount of fabric. Also keep in mind that you just have to look the decorated under the skirt hem. It will give you an extra touch of coquetry.

Half petticoat long flight or hoops petticoat – this is a variation of the previous petticoat. Also used to shape and flight to skirt dressing up, but in this case the effect is much more pronounced and the long reaches of the feet (although you can find them most short on www.songaah.com). The name rings petticoat or underskirt with rings from its structure. This type of liner is composed of a long skirt that includes a series of rings of different sizes (smaller closer from the waist and larger as one gets to feet) sewn in the genre. Usually these rings are made of plastic although you can find some rare metal specimens.

This type of petticoat is used for special occasions, such as representations, gala dresses or for wear under wedding dress.

Full petticoat – another large group in which the overtones are divided is the full petticoats or full-body. They are so named because they are placed as if it were a dress, fastened to the shoulder by thin straps, reaching to the knees (although you can also find them shorter or longer).

Full slips have no waist nothing defined so that a figure can conform to different figures. They used both under dresses and skirts below.

Buying Tip: a slip or petticoat complete should be loose and comfortable. Using it very adjusted can be very uncomfortable.

It petticoat, shaper – better known as slip into the world of lingerie styling, this type of petticoat is made of panels of stretch fabric to fit every inch of your body by reducing, modeling and hiding “chubby”, lines and excesses.

Being a Shaper petticoat, characteristics differ greatly from the rest used tight and gender, rather than light and soft, will be much heavier to achieve its objective.

You’re a fan or not of the vintage lingerie, this delicate piece is an excellent investment and a great addition to your lingerie collection.