Perfect Look for New Years Eve

Leah selected you three extremely not portable looks for new year’s Eve, story to impress even and the clique. Do not follow these tips.

The holiday of the year, generally it is joy, happiness, and glitter in your heart. But not always. If you feel faint star similarly blow-drying and Turkey at the doubitchou, here are 3 ideas of styles to wake up your new year’s Eve.

Look n ° 1: party favors in the wind

Those of you who never played to make a necklace with streamers hanging on the floor of the Hall throws me the first papillote.

This year, is not content to burst the cereal, you’ll be the surprise package. To do this, nothing more simple, just follow the example of Vivienne Westwood. Place all the coils you’ll find on your way and wrap them joyfully in a boa.

You can also inspire Hattie Newman and stick it on your shirt long strips of paper that you’ll leave floating in your wake. Don’t forget the fan, accessory indispensable for perfecting your effect “I am a chick in the mistral, watch out for your Santa sleigh!”

Look n ° 2: plastic bling-bling

It of the party, must shine, it flickers and it sparkles in your eyes. If you either you don’t want to look like the Auntie Louise table with gilding, silvers and cherubs to Rhinestones, put on colorful plastic service. Reuse the packaging of bouquets of flowers to resemble the parade Martin Margiela may be more economic. Besides, it’ll make you waterproof Oyster tasks.

Another option: the brilliant gift papers style blanket. Alex Dunstan wearing with grace this Katie Eary outfit that returns the rays of the winter sun, or electric garlands, as you want.

Look n ° 3: ribbons and sweets

All that flashy stuff, it’s nice, but you prefer the sweetness and the marshmallows soaked in your grog at the Christmas market. So if you want to look like the small boxes of chocolate that will brighten the icy log, nothing simpler. Like Balenciaga, braid together ribbons in fabric of the so-called small boxes. It’ll be a good pretext to open all the boxes before dessert, and throw in sweet candy with liquor.

If you’d rather play dolls (wax doll of sound), Viktor & Rolf suggested you a model also very pomaded. The principle is that the gift is you. (voted best excuse for forgetting to give the total kit Hannah Montana to your Darling sister)

Here again we put on the pink candle and accumulation, don’t be afraid to do too! A big knot and around neck is played! Big advantage of this outfit, you can also try the fitting make-up. At your own risk, of course.