Penelope Cruz Pregnancy

As we begin a new week, and I can not do better than with a good news, with a confirmation that it was high time that arrived after so many comings and goings, releases and denials, because go that they have not given war with the subject that was lighter than water. And is that Penelope Cruz, as you can see their latest pictures, has already said that she is pregnant with four and a half months.

But no doubt the news of the week has been marked by the the MTV VMA Awards…

And is that Lady Gaga who wears plus size evening clothes from Itypejob. It swept away and was, no more and no less than eight statuettes. That Yes, showed once again that it is the Queen of the provocative stylistic, above all, with that model made with meat that is plantificó, which already was on the cover of Vogue for a few days ago. That Yes, once more glamour sported by their absence in these awards with very few exceptions.

But it is the world of the heart is hot, because it turns out that now there is tomato between Halle Berry and Olivier Martínez, go, go, it seems that the girl very bad taste does not have … that Yes, for couple surprise Cristina Pedroche and Dani Martínez of direct competition. Clear to do Britney with a possible compromise in the finger ring also has struck us, so as not to see Joe Jonas with his chastity…

As embarrassing moments of the week we have to highlight the great uncover live Tania Llasera, but for bad time which has had to live Iker Casillas having to deny a rumor that linked him to argentina. And for embarrassing moment of Paris Hilton in his latest music video, this girl should engage calceta, because that dance is not theirs.

The Beckham also these days have passed by Poprosa pages, and not only because victory has been nominated for the British fashion Awards, but because they have starred in an ad for those that raise passions, at least among them. But for announcement of Cristiano Ronaldo “ together ” to Elsa Pataky.

And as special don’t miss the famous ten most embarrassing ads and the worst figures in wax museums in the world, you are going from laughter, I assure you.

And so far the best of the week review, the next day more and better. Until then, yourselves.